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What will be the laptop of 2010? I will tell

In this article about what will occur in a noutbukostroyeniya (the word - that what!) during 2010. If it is absolutely short: everything will be even better!

The netbook will continue the triumphal procession. This device is positioned by leading experts of the computer companies as addition to the laptop, but not its replacement. In 2008 in the world more than 5 million such laptops are sold, and by 2012 sales at the level of 50 million are expected!

At the same time the netbook remains very attractive device developed, first of all, for a certain purpose - cheap and fast connection to the Internet. They are sverkhmobilna, are easy and inexpensive.

It is interesting that with an exit of new models the market will slow down the growth: now it makes 26% a year. And here desktop computers do not grow in sales for a long time - and in some European countries even the return is observed.

The main tendencies look so: expansion of monitors to 18 - 20 inches with present 17, transition to displays with LED illumination because their price gradually approaches the price of ordinary monitors.

Relatively recently external hard drives for memory expansion began to be used - this tendency will get stronger and will develop: new programs and toys demand more and more gigabytes.

There are no doubts that already in the near future each laptop will be equipped with blu - ray - the drive for playing of disks with movies of high resolution, however it will occur only towards the end of 2010.

And here with solid-state stores not everything is clear. They, of course, quicker, easier, but until the buyer at the same price can buy the classical hard drive with obviously higher capacity, he, as a rule, will give preference to the bigger volume of a disk, than the best " technology; the expert of " firm believes; Fudzhi - Siemens Jorg Hartman. But almost none of leading experts doubt that behind this technology the big future.

Probably, the most important purpose facing producers of laptops it is possible to consider increase in operation of the device from the accumulator. In this direction constantly there is a work and its results encourage. Here two directions are traced: economy of the spent energy from the ordinary accumulator and creation of absolutely new types of accumulators.

In the first case designers plan to train the laptop to disconnect those components which are not used: for example, during the work with office applications the economic integrated graphic kernel, and here will be involved only if the user starts modern 3D - game, then the discrete videocard will be connected.

In the second case it is about fuel elements which will look as vials of liquid. But as more perspective are considered new lithium - polymeric accumulators which will allow to create very thin laptops and in a new way to design them. Also thinner will help to make the laptop OLED - displays. They have thickness in several millimeters and allow to look at the screen at any angle and from any party without quality loss.

Developers will show absolutely violent imagination when developing individual laptops for wealthy clients. Already now there are pink and orange laptops from firm Lenovo, an also unique and fantastic bamboo laptop from the ASUS company. Against competitors also the advanced software will help to be selected: so, for example, the Toshiba firm equips the devices with the special graphic interface for fast connection to the Internet.

Interesting is a question of what system is better: Windows XP, Vista or Linux?

Most of experts spoke absolutely unambiguously - the best OS for the laptop - the Windows XP. Vist`Y have a future, but it is still foggy: it is necessary to finish a lot of things still. Even the Service pack 1 to this operating system did not eliminate all available defects.

Generally, progress will never stop. And to predict the directions in which it will go with great strides, not so difficult. But it is very interesting! The most important - the future will be light and comfortable. And if we trust in it, means - it is possible to live!