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How to behave to the writer`s woman from the patriarchal point of view?

Why they, the writer`s women, will not be appeased? What do they stick to us during our creative process? I am writer Vasya Pupochkin from Tmutarakansk, I sit in front of the computer, I consider a plot of the next fantastic saga. So is not present! Surely my woman will approach and will tell that the shelf in a corridor failed on horse-radish and it is necessary to twist a nail!

As they do not understand, as figs with it that the shelf in a corridor failed on horse-radish!

Not on mine! Well and that that all clothes roll on a floor. So go and lift, put in a locker so far, hang out on hangers. What to stick to me this hanger into my spiritualized physiognomy! I have a plot on " ointments; where aliens attacked boundless open spaces of Earth, occupied almost all land, oceans and the seas, undividedly command the air and creep, infections, under the earth. Who will save mankind from these monsters? Bruce Willis? He is busy. He did not deal with terrorists, only the fourth " yet; Die Hard left. Who else? It is clear, who. I am writer Vasya Pupochkinin from Tmutarakansk. I thought up invasion of these alien monsters, I have to and think how to win to mankind against this deadly misfortune. I also sit, I think out the different courses, I invent heavy-duty arms, I invent, than to infect these extraterrestrial aggressors. Yes it is not simple to infect and that all of them became green from human diseases and skapustitsya quickly and beautifully.

I here the woman surely palms off on me this nail and demands to hang up a hanger into place. And not just on snivels to attach it and so that thoroughly to fix. Without defects. And does not catch up absolutely that if I throw a plot and the invention of methods of rescue of mankind, then this rescue now and will not be. Instead, at best, only one hanger will be fixed in a hall, but people in the novel will not get rid of universal trouble. And readers worry, wait for continuation, they already read chapters about invasion and mass and death of people. About the seas of blood shed by mankind they, readers, are excited, they to be afraid, they increased pulse, pressure, they in horror captivity before alien aggressors rises. And there is no continuation where it would be told about antidote from newcomers and their defeat by our race, everything and is not present. And the cause is - the same nail and a hanger. It is necessary to take a step-ladder, to be enough in hands a powerful, massive drill with the puncher and as the paralytic, to shiver on this short flight of stairs, boring through a hole in a concrete wall.

In the novel people perish in millions, and I dance on a step-ladder here. Do not catch up with the woman that I can not keep balance in this dance and fail from this construction support on a floor, and on the head the heavy drill still will knock. Then I will be taken away in hospital in an unconsciousness, and aliens will continue to poison and press people in a plot as we cockroaches in kitchens of our immense country. To stop them there will be nobody: Vasya Pupochkin lies unconscious, in a bolnichka! And the reason for that - short-sighted policy of women. Readers will re-read horrors of chapters 1, their nerves will be tousled to a limit, heart will beat for fear and feeling of vulnerability to space aggressors whom nobody can stop so far. Business will probably reach heart attacks, heart attacks, hypertensive crises, attempts to jump out from balconies of high-rise buildings not to see all horrors of invasion personally. The reason of these tragedies - the female requirement to screw a nail in a wall. You see the clothes could not be hung up now! Why to drive me from a convenient chair in front of the monitor, or from a soft sofa where I write the creations on the laptop. These women and little girls do not understand that here I create something important and fatal for simple people, my readers! I can, having collapsed on a sofa, to give them on hope for rescue from aliens and that I will give in there, a corridor, with a drill how automatically, atilt?

A curve hole, the showered plaster, crookedly hung up hanger and the angry knock of neighbors in a wall who at this moment watch the favourite soap opera Are happy together on TNT? Do not catch up with the woman that in the reclining situation I will bring much more benefit to mankind, than, having taken seat a mountain ram at step-ladder top! Or here I swim in open spaces of worldwide network, I discuss Russian national teams and other countries for EURO - 2008, I argue on need of reforms for health system. Falling of an index of Dow - Jones and transcendental inflation in Zimbabwe. Here the woman with this nail and a hanger approaches you, fell off a pier as to welcome guests, where to hang up clothes and so forth. But I am interested now health care as the heat-spot on a nose tip swelled up, I need the help, medical consultation is necessary. The heat-spot scratches, increases in a size, strives to take all nose. I try to stop it as the healthy spot on a nose of the writer Vasya Pupochkin from Tmutarakansk sharply reduces chances of success in tomorrow`s negotiations with the publisher! It is pleasant to whom to deal with a bright spot, instead of the respectable writer? To anybody! Even if I will put on a new suit, the partner on business to negotiations will not pay attention to expensive and fashionable red tie, and, first of all, on red from a spot shnobel. Also believe, it from a meeting with me will have a negative impression. And the negative is almost a contract failure. Thus, if I without having got advice and without having discussed on the Internet what to do with this spot on a nose tip, I will go to drill a hole for nailing in a corridor, then nobody will remain in a prize. The woman does not catch up that even standing on a step-ladder, the armed with a drill, my nose spot will begin to itch, I will try to scratch it, I will lose to balance and, besides, I will fail on a floor, and the drill will cover the head with heavy-duty blow.

, What will be farther, you know. It will be worse everything: the hanger will not be hung up, the spot will not be cured, the contract will not be signed, so, and there will be no income. To buy products in shop there will be nothing. Means, it is not necessary to eat. And when the writer Vasya Pupochkin from Tmutarakansk is hungry long time, it already does not control itself(himself), it angry, it rages, it is ready to tear for pieces any piece of meat, whether it be chicken or a piece of pork. But there is no meat, and his woman who demanded to hammer a nail is sprained and to hang up a hanger. Here then hungry and furious Pupochkin`s rage to fall upon her head. But it will be then for now not catching up and not prosekayushchy a situation the woman stretches to the writer Vasya Pupochkin a nail and a hanger and persistently asks to prisobachit it to a wall. On figs to twist this nail now?! No, at them really differently the brain is arranged, than at us writing men! On this nail even you will not hang youself at creative crisis!

And here instead of doing something with a heat-spot, to treat it though on the Internet, it is necessary to squeeze out it, the infection will be brought, there can be infection, and further - a hospital and up to a wooden box. And from - for it nailing everything! No, they do not catch up with the writer - the man, do not catch up!