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How to find the reasonable solution

Here an example of a situation which can meet to everyone in modern life.

British Alan Pinto carried a hamster to the son Roan in the car, however on the road the small animal disappeared. Then Pinto drove away " Mercedes; worth 38000 dollars in repair shop also ordered to catch to mechanics a rodent. The team of 25 people began with the fact that took out seats and other parts, peeled an upholstery. The hamster was still not.

Workers tried to leave food for the night, but the hamster did not appear. By Wednesday the car was already taken to pieces almost to the basis.

Employees of a workshop asked for the help the organization which is engaged in protection of animals. There recommended to make a trap of a box in which it is necessary to put a little food. Mechanics left a trap for the night, but found out in the morning that it is empty though the food disappeared.

Eventually the idea to place a hamster female in a cage near sorted " came to the wife of the owner of a workshop to mind; " Mercedes;. Soon, obviously, having experienced inflow of romantic feelings, Hommi, got out of a heap of iron and snatched on a female. Here - that it was also caught. Let`s look at

how people look for the right decision.

Here situation the first. The man is lucky a hamster in the car. We do not know how it carried, in a cage or without cage, but an unusual situation in itself. Mercedes is not intended for transportation of hamsters. Conclusion: it was necessary to think over this transportation previously.

Situation the second. The hamster disappeared in the car. Probably the man everything is looked for him. Though the British could and at once to charge this business to professionals . But they are professionals on repair of cars, and in search of hamsters they are laymans. And a hamster - the professional on game in hide-and-seek . Professionals made the decision - to disassemble the car. Both still, and still, and still - to the basis. The result was negative.

Situation the third. The managing director of a workshop understands that it is necessary to attract really professionals. He decides to address to to animal activists . But they are professionals on protection of animals, but not on search of hamsters in cars. Except the famous decision to make a trap they can offer nothing. But the hamster was the high professional on avoiding of traps.

And these professionals appeared not at height.

And only the wife of the owner of a workshop - the person who is not confused with professional stereotypes - understood soul of a hamster - men. Pay attention: why she could find the right decision?


and) need by all means to solve a problem did not prevail over it;

b) it had no professional`s stereotypes;

c) it - probably intuitively - found more attractive bait what food.

Let`s look at this situation as if from above. In fact the distributed brainstorming took place. Different people from different spheres of activity proposed the solutions but all the proposed solutions were incorrect. Total expenses of time for the solution of an elementary children`s task to find a hamster were very essential.

And so the situation in any field of activity is. As soon as there is an unusual situation which is a little differing from standard - the normal thinking does not work. Why?

Why the situation is quite so? Probably because at professionals the stereotype works: as it I, such competent, will not be able to get any nasty hamster!

And the most important problem is in what in an unusual situation of people continues to use the same trial and error method which already helped it earlier. But the unusual situation differs in the fact that whether demands special tools for the aid to thinking

it was possible to find the Reasonable Solution quickly and without efforts?

In TSIT (technology of the solution of inventive tasks) there is a fine tool allowing to set at once a right direction of search of the decision. This tool is familiar to all according to the Russian national fairy tales. You remember: boots - Self-feeds, a psaltery - Samoguda, a magic tablecloth and so on. You remember Emelya: buckets go in a log hut!

The tool, IER (ideal end result) is called. It is applied simply: what is necessary ideally? It is necessary that . Here in angular brackets what is necessary ideally for a solution is substituted. And further the question is raised: and what is necessary that he got out? Also there is a search of means for realization of this idea.

Pay attention! In order that hamster itself got out the car does not need to be disassembled! The cage with homyachikhy could be put directly in salon of a car.

The most important is that this tool suits for search of the decision in any field of activity.