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Life is boring without risk or Where to take money for an insurance? Each of us the property has

. Even if you have no apartment in the center of Moscow, a yellow hamer, the account in the known bank, actions and giving on solar Canary Islands, you always have you and your health. It is dangerous to risk so valuable things, and not really - that there is a wish especially as many generations to you thought up effective ways of protection against unforeseen risks. Of course, it will be a question of insurance which avtograzhdanshchik dinned into the ears.

Entered, already three years ago, the law on a motor vehicle liability pitted the majority of us against insurance companies and payments taking into account wear. It must be assumed that cannot still admire a new miracle and, often, abuse an invention of politicians who six years drove along corridors the law on completion, but could not grind its side. And still insurance densely begins to enter ordinary life of Russians. In this regard, I suggest to consider as far as can be favorable or the proigryshna available to the individual, types of insurance.

Insurance is the Russian saying turned into reality: with the world on threads - naked a shirt. Collecting not big contributions, the companies cover losses of those clients which suffered from the third parties or natural disasters. Giving part of the earnings, it is possible to hope that in cases not of preseen circumstances you will be able always to count on financial support.

Any German school student learn to divide the personal budget into three parts, we comprehend this science long and not always in the fast way. Forgetting that everything in the modern world changes, we fondly count at random and we wait to ourselves only for good luck. At the prudent bourgeois the first part of earnings is postponed for the distant shelf (the account in reliable bank), the second is left on accommodation and the third to be spent for insurance. Thus, it is confident that to it there will be guaranteed provided old age with a possibility of trips abroad, and also happy existence in capitalist society. Unfortunately, in our country long time such calculations worked not favourably, it was necessary to choose between accumulation and happy now because was not enough for everything, but as it was told above, everything changes. Today we are able to afford not only to live on the earned money, but also to use insurance services to secure itself and the family against troubles.

To an obligatory insurance of a motor vehicle liability of motorists and medical care the modern Russian can use also other ways of protection against risk. Such as insurance of property, in this case it is possible to mean by property not only the car, but also giving, finishing of the apartment, housing and even furniture, and also today active insurance of financial risks already begins at investments of money in all possible enterprises and projects, well both just accumulative life insurance and voluntary medical insurance.

Let`s try to consider in how many the small flood at you in the apartment when neighbors are away on vacation can manage. If to assume that the tile in a bathroom and in a toilet is pasted for ages and what water flow from a ceiling will wash away it, then we consider on a tariff: whitewashing of kitchen, a bathroom plus anew pokleenny wall-paper in kitchen. We receive by own forces from 3000 to 8 000 rubles and if to invite repair crew, then it is worth increasing the sum. If to count policy cost on internal finishing of the average two-room apartment, then with payment by installments of payment at the sum of an insurance premium of 500 000 rubles we will pay 4 times (i.e. quarterly) 750 rubles and if to calculate on the maximum tariff, then 1 500 rubles. From this simple mathematics it is perfectly visible what cost of tranquility before such surprise as the current pipe.

But let`s leave neighbors with whom in the presence of the insurance policy on finishing of your apartment, you will not swear, and we will think of how it is possible will take care of the future by means of accumulative insurance systems. Every year from mailboxes we pull out letters of a pension fund and if your white salary does not exceed 7000 thousand rubles a month, then and the sum of assignments for the whole year will not exceed 3 500 rubles. It would seem, the state for us already thought over everything and worries there is nothing, only somehow at this clever state it is difficult to receive worthy the life pension. In many private companies, for example, at a bigger insurance annual premium you will be able to receive quite serious money by an old age and at total loss of working capacity, and also at any degrees of disability. Your money will never be appropriated by a starkhovshchik even in case of your death (that occurs usually in PFRF), and in case of a serious illness you will be able to receive 50 percent of your accumulation on treatment.

Treatment is not the most pleasant subject for many of us. All recognize that paid clinics pay to patients worthy attention and leaving, but not everyone has an opportunity in emergency them to use. The policies of the Obligatory Medical Insurance (OMI) which are available for all, allow to receive only those services which the doctors of the public medical institutions exhausted with small salaries and eternal shortcomings of drugs are capable to render. The cost of the policy of the voluntary medical insurance (VMI) makes from 17 500 to 25 000 rubles today, here we consider, of course, only those contracts in which both stomatologic services, and the emergency hospitalization, and polyclinic service are considered. In private dental clinic usual caries will become you in 2500 - 3000 rubles that will already make 17 percent from policy cost. And reception of the ordinary therapist when you catch flu or cold can become the most pleasant for you: having registered at certain o`clock, you without turn and long expectation get advice and the recipe. Not to mention that in two hours your child will be able to receive a form 086 which is required at entering a higher education institution, obtaining the subscription to the pool or accommodation in the hostel. It will save not only your time and nerves, but will deliver you a set of the pleasant moments, and you will be able forever to forget about that negative by which were followed visit of doctors. The care of itself is always rewarded by health.

Summing up the results, you can independently calculate what percent from your income you are ready to give for the sake of own tranquility and tranquility for the parents and children, but remember what avaricious not only pays twice, but also is afraid to risk for the sake of achievement of the best results. All provided figures are specified without discounts by the number of policies, t. e at the rate on one person, so for the whole family you will be able to receive more loyal conditions from insurance companies. Yours confidence and tranquility only in your hands!