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Finnish war. Whether it is necessary to remember veterans?

on April 27 Finland celebrates the Day of the veterans participating in Winter war (1939 - 40), War - continuation (1941 - 44) and the Lappish war (1944 - 45)...

If who begins to be indignant on the fact that here, this Driver, found what to write about! Yes they ours

Yes, it is valid, ours. And so, on - to the adult. In three months of fights of that, not well-known, Finnish war we only the killed and missing persons lost 126,8 thousand people. Losses of Finns were considerably smaller. About 23 thousand killed and 43 thousand wounded. But for small Finland it is figure very big Huge just. And Not they the first began

. What, it was necessary just to stand and watch how to them on bayonets bear world revolution? And it is necessary to them? Who asked? Here freedom - yes. It was necessary, probably. Therefore they fought for the earth courageously and cruelly. Taught us. Also taught. Many reforms in Red Army were begun after the analysis of bitter lessons of the winter company 1939 - 40 Another thing is that time we on implementation of the decisions made following the results of Winter war had very little to

But that not Finns of wine any more. It - not before was. Territorial losses of the country were big. According to the Moscow peace treaty of 1940 the structure of the Soviet Union included the Karelian Isthmus with the city of Vyborg, and also the western and northern coast of Lake Ladoga with the cities of Keksgolm (Priozersk), Sortavala, Lakhdenpokhya, Suoyarvi, the Finnish territory of peninsulas Average and Fishing . Yes, yes, about what our song

C of these lands which departed the USSR to Finland more than 400 thousand people moved. And each of them needed to be accepted, to help to be equipped on the new place, to decide that on work.

And the country it was necessary to be defined. As well as, the main thing, with whom further. Europe, having divided into two irreconcilable camps, already burned in World War II flame. With us to Finns was not on the way. And they practically had no choice. Therefore in June 41 - go war on our earth not only the German, Romanian or Magyar soldier brought years. But also Finnish. However, he - that so did not consider, fairly believing that it returns the, by right belonging to his fathers, unfairly and impudently taken away already from it.

Here only Germany hoped that only the business will not be limited and it is possible to expect essential help from the northern ally. Dogovorchik. And not just like that to Finland there are deliveries of the food. Free cheese, it

Exactly there! And an exit from this mousetrap was not. Only forward. Through old, sovetsko - Finnish, border. To Leningrad, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk.

But this advance cast a serious shadow on compelled nature of participation of Finland in war, generated serious doubts and split the Finnish society. And soldier it too Part of that society. And to drag from fire chestnuts for Wehrmacht somehow not really - that and there was a wish. Perhaps, for this reason Finns not really - that went forward. Neither on Kestengsky, nor on Ukhta the directions. Near Leningrad.

This Finnish passivity as a sit-down working-to-rule strike did not give the chance to Germans to connect to them and to make a blockade ring around the city of three revolutions continuous. Also stretched on this thread, after called Road of Life transports and cars. Yes, it was a little. There is obviously not enough for the starving city, but If the Finnish soldier did everything thoroughly. The same as the peaceful work, where on the farm under Jyvaskyla or Tampere. That This thread would not be

A since 1942 the Finnish army in general stopped active actions against the USSR.

Naturally, such situation did not suit the German allies. And in June, 1943 Germany stops deliveries of the food, trying to induce to work the Finnish brothers on the weapon more aggressively. However, soon deliveries are resumed. But the disturbing call sounded. And Finland begins to look for possible options of a withdrawal from a war.

Everything rested against a position of the Soviet Union. We to these Finnish steps had more than cool relation. To find possible options of rapprochement Finns were actively helped by both the USA, and the British Commonwealth, and Sweden.

Only in the summer of 1944 when troops of the Karelian front did not manage to break through the defense which is strongly withheld by Finns on the line Vyborg - Kuparsaari - Taipalie, the situation changes. Understanding that not to resolve an issue by military force, the Soviet government expressed readiness to make the peace. On very heavy conditions for Finns. Except that Finland lost under the contract of 1940. it in addition ceded the USSR Petsamo`s sector (nowadays to the settlement Pechenga of the Murmansk Region) undertook to pay within 6 years reparations of 300 million US dollars

A before ratification of the peace treaty Finland had to demobilize still army to the number of a peace time and to clear the territory of the country of the German army by own efforts. To demobilize and clear. So that`s that. Neither it is more, nor it is less. Disarm army, and parts of Wehrmacht - turn out. But Finns strictly and strictly executed everything. And in September began military operations against 20 - y the German army which main task was a defense of the nickel mines around Petsamo providing the defensive industry of Germany with this metal for 80%.

Yes, Finland was at war against the former ally and today Day of veterans and this war which Finns call Lappish.

But about it there was a wish somehow in more detail. And - slowly.

And today It is a little about another.

When you go on Priozersk through Sortavala, for Lakhdenpokhya, away from the main route, there is such settlement - Lumivaara. Amazing beauty there pre-war Finnish church - a pick. Also there is it On the high hill, in which kilometer from the bottom - the small settlement. And behind it Green waves of the boundless Karelian woods and From a hill, from a pick it is well visible - a blue of Ladoga. Somewhere there, in the distance, merging from the same color the sky.

A hook in ten two kilometers on a primer. Nonsense! It is worth it to see. And a pick. And all that around it.

There if to look directly at an entrance to church, slightly to the right and aside, there is a memorable sign. To those Finns, that gave the most expensive that they had - life for freedom and independence of the country. Earlier there was a military cemetery. Now - only the scheme of burials on a memorable sign. But

Here how many times I turned to Lumivaara, always Always at a memorable sign the funeral candles lit by someone`s careful hand.

And unless only in Lumivaar? If not to slip Lakhdenpokhya, and to stop and to pass slightly by the remains, visible from the roadside, which burned down in 77 - m of the Finnish pick, then Here, you see. At the left, on a facade. Two words. For the Homeland . And under them - names and surnames. In total. All those who died for that those who live now lived.

But and we Too we live. And for that we lived, too someone gave the lives.

Here the report on fighting losses 16 - oh the Guards shooting division. March 1942 Mr. of Severo - the Western front. Document, scary on the ruthless truth. And not only because 43 - m in the list my grandfather. Red Army man Monakov Konstantin Egorovich. Look On this page of the report the last number - 51. And how many they, are farther than such leaves?

All died in one day - 21. 03. What force there were fights at a village unknown to me in the Smolensk region? I Year of birth Since 1896 - go for 1899 - y. One appeal of the second turn. Places from which were called It are residents of Kursk. Nine of ten - from one area. Five are fellows villager

Let Finns remember the.

But also at us is Is whom to remember. And any anniversary actions or holidays are not obligatory for this purpose. Who disturbs me or forbids? Anybody. And I will lift I will lift 50 drops today. Let they and not narkomovsky. But same light and bitter, as my memory. And if suddenly Who will decide to support me. I - only for . For this purpose also wrote.