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Whether the sense of humour is developed at you?

at work paid out On the Seventh of March a wages. And somehow so it turned out that when Stas reached a treasured window, the cashier had only small change. Of course, it is more pleasant when in a pocket crackle solid notes. But having fairly judged that small pieces of paper it is money too, he put in a pocket two packs five in bank packing and in the most high spirits went beyond a checkpoint of printing house.

On the road it came into " shop; Gifts . Yesterday its blessed as if accidentally told that it likes some Polish spirits which her best friend uses And here is how those spirits correctly were called, Stas definitely did not remember: whether Perhaps whether on the contrary - Can be . To his surprise, available there were both those, and others. Therefore it long stood at a counter, holding in one hand a pack five and sniffing to one, to other flakonchik. Between them it did not find any difference, but spilled several drops on the money. This oversight also solved business: that will get rid of complaints, it was necessary to buy this bottle of perfume.

Here what clever man thought up such names? Only you confuse men - Stas was perplexed, asking the price of carnations which sold at an entrance to the same shop.

In wine department of an epicure no problems with the choice arose. He stood small turn, bought beer, vodka and bustled to a trolleybus stop.

Houses Stas appeared early enough, the wife was not yet. Poslonyavshis on the empty apartment and without having found itself worthy occupation, he decided to prepare a small, but cool surprise for the wife. Especially as tomorrow - Women`s Day. And what the long-awaited salary can be more pleasant for it, than? Only sober, attentive and, most important, cheerful husband...

With sense of humour at Stas problems never were, unlike many others. For example, in army it somehow pasted slippers of the commander of office to a floor When the sergeant put in them legs in the morning and got out of a bed, naturally, crashed down and stretched in all growth in pass of barracks. The joke was pleasant to all, and to the commander of office - no...

... Stas dragged from a bathroom a big basin with water and poured out in it a pack of pyatirublevka. Having properly mixed this " cocktail; it began to hang out wet money on a rope for drying of linen that were tense in kitchen. Having finished, he with satisfaction looked at garlands tags opened a bottle of beer and in an anticipation of fun rubbed hands. Really, it turned out not bad, and, above all - it is original.

At this moment the call to the apartment was distributed, and the owner, having opened a door, saw on a threshold of the neighbor. That needed the big screw-driver, and so far Stas rummaged in a box for tools, the big-eyed neighbor noticed unusual garlands in kitchen:

- What the figovina is hangs at you in kitchen?

- In kitchen? - as it is possible more quietly Stas asked again. - Yes so, nonsense: money land... Tomorrow The Eighth of March, here I also decided to give the wife a gift. And that everything cries that it is not enough money...

- You it... seriously? - the neighbor was surprised.

- And what? When dry - from the presents you will not distinguish. Even watermarks are... - Stas assured and removed couple of notes from a rope.

The neighbor attentively looked at them on a gleam and even for some reason smelled.

Well, it is necessary... - enviously he thought, - even numbers different. In, a bug! It seems, bungled a cliche in the printing house and prints now on the quiet money... But why they smell of spirits? It is visible, took someone from the administration in a share, in the same place with everything women " fill;

Having received the screw-driver, the neighbor left, but he had a strange look.

Stas did not manage to drink up a beer bottle as again called an apartment door. Having opened a door, he was taken aback from surprise: on the platform there was a police squad!

- Everything is clear! - the senior lieutenant told and directly in kitchen fastened to Stas handcuffs. - Quirky boy! Pyatirublevki began to forge... That`s right: nobody looks narrowly at small change, - it turned to the sergeant: - Give quickly understood, we will withdraw production of it printing yard !

When Stas was reached, at last, by sense of the events, he nearly overstrained from laughter. He long could utter nothing and only smeared on the person of a tear.

- Finish to feign ignorance! - with irritation besieged its starly. - There is nothing to pose as the clown. Be pricked at speed: where machine?

- What machine? - the owner of the apartment overstrained from laughter.

- On which you printed money! All the same we will find at a search...

- Ah, machine... The neighbor lent from the thirty seventh apartment...

Further an event took some fantastic turn: there arrived two more police cars and even the cynologist with a dog. In half an hour the hiding place was found... with dried hemp. In the apartment No. 37! In the apartment counterfeiter despite all efforts, the machine for printing of money did not manage to be found. Everything that managed to be found is the bottle of vodka thrust under a bathtub. Just the same, but misted over, found also in freezing office of the refrigerator. What, however, was not crime.

- Lines knows that! - through clenched teeth used foul language starly, leaving the ill-fated apartment No. 36. - Ten years live on one platform, and watch what mean tricks each other arrange...

Stas spent a holiday in a detention cell. The fact that it will be let out he did not doubt at all. Eventually, examination will confirm that money original. More difficult it appeared from the manager of printing house: that was shocked when it was pulled out from - for a holiday table and arranged a confrontation with the arrested. She had to answer a set of questions, but one surprised her extremely: Whether you Use spirits Can be ? Fortunately for Stas, the manager used only a French perfume. Therefore for the third day, after interrogations and examinations, it was released from prison.

- Not the weak trick turned out! - crookedly Stas grinned. - Something I will not remember any holiday where I so has fun . Not - e, it to me will be remembered The Eighth of March for a long time. However, the administration considers me as the moron now, and the wife of the neighbor, and in general, a wolf looks And I here at what? At me with humour everything is all right!