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Who does not want to be a millionaire?

Throughout the subject lifted by Timur Fatkulin in the article What is Nigerian letters ? ...

Ya I receive similar letters 3 years. The first letter cast me into such euphoria!!!! It is exciting to feel like the millionaire!!!! I was lost in day-dreams: to the stylist, and t. p, I update, clothes, work to the devil`s grandmother!!!! To Bor the girlfriend under a mouse and in cruise... Paris, Spain, Italy, Bahamas, Maldives.... oh!!!!!

The letter was in English, I answered in French. Wash vyygrysh made 2 million dollars. Me asked to contact the notary. The notary, the pink-checked, smiling, curly blonde, he sent me the copy of the certificate, inspired in me trust. I filled in the questionnaire, a full name, the address, number of mobile. Now my home address and a phone number knows the whole world!!!!!

And here when the pseudo-notary asked me to transfer 1200 euros for registration of my vyygrysh and its transfer to Latvia... I became thoughtful... As I know that banks at transfer of money automatically deduct interests for this service. To me began to carry without restraint!!!! Vyygrysha poured on my head every week!!!! It began good tradition - to win a millionchik to morning coffee in day off or to come into a fortune!!!!

My virtual capitals grew!!! Perhaps, I surpassed Bill Gates!!! Also I can apply for the post in the Guinness Book of Records, in the nomination Virtual luck ! And once I received the letter from the dean Saint Ekaterina in London. The letter was regrettable... A certain lord, sir Smidt, sank into oblivion also all the real estate and 4 and a half million pounds sterling bequeathed. to whom would you think? Of course to me!!!

The prior was sir Smidt`s confessor. I almost believed as I corresponded with one very elderly mister, it was friendly and very warm correspondence... and then it suddenly was gone... I wrote to the prior the sentimental letter, itself shed a tear!!!! But for fidelity plunged into the Internet. In London there was no such church. as I also expected... Church of St. Catherine is in Liverpool.... The mentor did not answer me... Alas...

I learned a lot of things about these swindlers. Originally this lukewarm campaign lived in South America. But when they successfully swindled sufficient quantity eager to grow rich, intelligence agencies of the USA were engaged in them. Swindlers were neutralized.

But business of children of the Lieutenant Schmidt lives!!! Now these cheerful children live in Africa and England. You can receive the letter on a vyygrysha in a lottery (rozyigrysh emayl), or inheritance millone - e - an era being on the deathbed, or inheritance of Mr. Tvister who died in accident with regrettable illustrations from newspapers... options set...

Now benefactors are active in Skype... A dachshund at them from 800 to 1200 euros. They can ask number of your bank account, the copy of the passport or the driving license. There is a website of the international commission on fight against economic crimes where it is possible to address with the complaint to swindlers if you fell a victim of deception and sent money. Reputable commission with pleasure is engaged in these affairs and deceived receive even compensation from swindlers in one million dollars for moral damage.

Be careful!!!!!