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How to issue the rationalization proposal and why it is necessary?

Not all from us are fated to become kulibiny and edisonam, but simple, efficient and perspective ideas come to mind to very much. However further it usually business does not go, only occasionally the idea is realized personally for the author, facilitating his work and saving its time. And it is a pity, the valuable thought could help very much: to make profit or to save expenses to the enterprise, and an award, respect of colleagues and office prospects - to the author. Everything that for this purpose is required - a tax to a ratsukh or, on - scientific, an improvement suggestion . How to make it, and the speech in article will go.

First of all, the idea should be developed to the finished offer, to give it trade dress . It is necessary to define accurately under what conditions, who and as it will use and what benefits will receive from it. Further it is necessary to get acquainted with how this problem was solved earlier as it is solved now, and than better what is offered by you. Quicker? More economically? More safely? More comfortably? All these reasons need to be invested with a language of digits, i.e. to carry out the economic analysis.

For example, you thought up a vegetable peeler for cleaning of potato. Before it cleaned a usual knife, at the same time the expense of a product made 10 g on a tuber of the average sizes. Now the expense makes 5 g. At the price of 25 rub and the weight of a tuber of 70 g we receive economy for kilogram 2 rubles from kilogram. Plus the saving of time 2 minutes for kilogram at the cost of working hour of 120 rubles gives 4 more rubles. Plus convenience of cleaning and increase of safety of personnel. All these reasons we write down

in the table, we put drawings, schedules of the scheme and we make the short description of the rationalization proposal. The description has to occupy 1 - 2 pages of the text and express the essence: what is offered, than differs from available what benefits gives.

Now we make the application. On a usual sheet A4 at the left above we write the addressee. Usually it is a head of your enterprise. On the right above - " cap;: The standard interdepartmental form No. P - 1, Is approved by the order TsSU USSR from 18. 08. 76th No. 681. A code by OKUD (here it is necessary to specify a code by the qualifier of administrative documentation).

Further, on the right we write in a frame: It is registered for No. and the place for date. Below, on all width of a leaf, we draw the table of authors of the rationalization proposal: the first column - organic number, the second - a surname, a name, a middle name of the author or coauthor, the third - the place of work or the residence, then - a profession (position), education, party membership and, at last, year of birth.

Having listed all coauthors, in the middle of a leaf we write: Application for an improvement suggestion . And further: I ask (we ask) to consider the offer under the name , to recognize it rationalization and to accept to use . Then, again on the center of the sheet: Description of the " offer;. And here we insert our short description. Further we write Agreement on remuneration distribution .

Then phrase Earlier given proposal was not submitted " anywhere; (or we specify where moved). We Ask to divide award in equal shares (or as agreed with coauthors). Then such phrase follows: I (we) approve (-I eat) that I really am (-I am eaten) as the author (coauthors) of this offer. I know (us) that in case of recognition of the offer confidential, I (we) promise (-I am eaten) to follow the rules of privacy including established to Regulations on opening, inventions and improvement suggestions.

And at last: Are applied: a) graphic materials (sketches, drawings, schemes, schedules, etc.) on sheets; b) equipment - economic calculations, justifications, etc. on sheets; c) other materials on sheets. In total on sheets. Date and signatures of coauthors.

The following leaf is occupied The Conclusions according to the " offer;. Here it is necessary to collect several responses on the rationalization proposal, at least two: one from the production division (shop, a stroyuchastka, etc.), the second - from other divisions (department of the chief mechanical engineer, CB, etc.) . Both responses are certified by signatures with the indication of positions and dates of a response. If your rationalization proposal improves working conditions of employees of firm, then the response of the labor protection specialist of your enterprise is required.

As a rule, authors of the offer make responses to themselves, considering remarks from what person they are given. Responses become so: all advantages of the rationalization proposal are divided into 2 parts and are distributed according to reviews. At the end of a response it is necessary to specify why it is necessary to recognize this offer rationalization.

One more leaf is entitled The Made decision on the " offer; and on it enough place for a decision description is left. Then the place for date and the signature of the director is left. At the very bottom of a leaf the table " is formed; Change of standard and technical documentation in which we specify the name of the document, number of the notice, date of change, a position and the name of department and the signature. Perhaps, thanks to your rationalization proposal normative documents of the enterprise will be changed!

And, at last, on sweet: Received the Certificate on an improvement suggestion. Date and signature. Everything, the application is ready. Now we apply to it your materials and we carry in council for rationalization proposals which considers them usually at the end of every quarter. If your offer is accepted, you get a quite good award, the certificate, respect of the administration and colleagues and big plus to your track record. And it apart from moral satisfaction from realization of your idea...

By the way, about remuneration. The award for the rationalization proposal pays off on the following formula:

An award = BS * UT * SL * KI, where BS - a base rate (1300 rub) UT - coefficient of improvement of working conditions from your rationalization proposal. UT = 2 if working conditions of workers improve and 1 - otherwise. KI - efficiency, is equal to the number of copies of the program, number of the devices, etc. introduced at the enterprise. SL - the complexity coefficient counted on a formula:

SL = (Federation Council / OS*OB) ^, where KA - the relevance coefficient equal 1 for average relevance of the offer, and 1. 25 for high. OS - number of lines in the description of the offer, the Federation Council - number of the lines containing formulas ABOUT - the volume of files of the offer in kilobytes.

I wish you, dear readers, success in realization of your ideas!