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How to go on the dole of century. To Ukraine? Chast1

during world financial crisis rather large number of people were left without the darling or not favourite, but all - works. The wave of reductions bypassed any field of activity. These people became the unemployed. And if, unfortunately, you appeared in this situation too, then you have the right to go on the dole. Let`s understand as to receive it in what size, and on what term it is possible to count.

First of all, it is necessary to be registered and get registered in Jobcenter for the residence. For this purpose you need to provide the passport and the service record. From the eighth day after registration you automatically receive the status of the unemployed (of course if for the last seven days you to you did not find suitable work) and from the same day to you begin to contain a dole.

The size and terms of payment of a dole depends on existence and duration of an insurance experience, the size of a salary, a reason for leaving, the period of lack of work. If an experience till 2 years, then the sum of a grant makes 50% of the sum of a salary which you received, from 2 to 6 years - 55%, from 6 to 10 - 60%, it is more than 10 years - 70%. For those who quitted the job at own will without valid excuse charge begins with 91 - go day. The general duration of payments of a dole cannot exceed 360 days for two years.

Attention to those who dreamed to carry on business or dreamed to replace a profession. The dole can be paid also in a disposable order for the organization of business activity by the unemployed which cannot find a job from - for absence in labor market of suitable work. In that case the sum equal to the annual sum of a dole is given. Also in the direction of an employment service you have an opportunity to have vocational training, retraining or professional development.

I cannot but remember also university graduates who did not find a job so to speak in time that became even more difficult to be made now from - for lack at them of experience, well and of course existence of vacant positions. Such people are considered as persons who find a job for the first time and pay them a dole in the minimum size - 360 UAH. Payments are made no more than 180 days. Can count on the minimum size of a grant and the persons who worked within a year until assignment of the status of the unemployed it is less than 26 weeks, and also those who wish to renew the work after a long break (more than 6 months).

It is necessary to consider that the dole cannot be more average salary which developed by all types of economic activity in a certain area for last month, and not below the size established by the legislation. The main thing follow all rules which are available in an employment service arsenal not to be left without grant. Also do not forget what was not as if wonderful to be received though not big, but nevertheless a grant, and all - is far more pleasant to receive the earned money in a full size!