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What to feed the baby at restaurant with?

sometime pass Everything, and here your kid to whom year was executed not so long ago, ceased to be satisfied only with one maternal milk and asks something more essentially. And that is natural what we feed ourselves, just is not suitable for it at all. It is time to enter into a diet of the kid except uglevodisty products which made a basis of food of the kid at the earliest age, still proteins and carbohydrates, and their assimilation can be full and safe only at the correct catering services.

The main attention should be paid to structure of food and a way of its culinary processing that the organism of the kid could process and acquire all useful substances without effort.

Should exclude reception of any products not corresponding to age of the kid as it promotes emergence of functional violations in work of a digestive tract. And all of us with you people, and all of us want to come sometimes with the child into some exotic small restaurant, a pizzeria or in McDonald`s . Especially as in many of similar places exists children`s " menu; specially developed for a children`s table. And is it safe?

Even if the menu included various porridges with optimum picked up size of portions and structure, then all the same there is no guarantee that they were not made with unhealthy additives, in hot fan or on the oil containing saturated fatty acids and will not provoke sharp emission of bile and enzymes that in turn will lead to developing of belly-ache, vomiting and nausea.

The same can be told also about the drinks offered in a public catering. Practically all their range is not suitable for the small child at all. Milkshakes are too cold and contain excess of fat and sugar, lemonades consist of fragrances, essences and dyes and that absolutely badly contain caffeine.

Do not please us and desserts. All of them contain too large amount of sugar which at absorption in blood causes insulin emission. What exhausts cells of a pancreas. Generally practically all range of restaurants and points of a fast food is not suitable for food of the little client. But you already came with the child to restaurant and it is hungry. What to do? Depends on what kitchen prevails in the menu of that restaurant in which you appeared.

If it is Russian cuisine, and to your child more than two years you can order that Guryev " porridge; she sweet and traditionally moves for a dessert. It is also possible to order meat, stewed in a pot, only any spices! As option home-made pelmeni.

Italian cuisine, for example branzino or the gilthead - the fish steamed is more preferable to the child of the first year of life. Only in the absence of an allergy to fish products!

The French, Mexican and other restaurants for gourmets are not suitable for children at all.

The Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijan cuisines can offer your kid fresh cheese or cottage cheese with fresh vegetables. The child will not be delighted but also will not remain hungry.

Boiled potato, mashed potatoes, rice and vegetables on couple, dishes composed from several types of similar garnishes will help out you anyway. And for a dessert the fruit neallergichny fruit salad filled with sour cream with a small amount of sugar.

Generally, you will always be able to choose podkhodyashche food for the kid according to requirements and the main thing I will increase yours remains.