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To a wedding one week? How to become the most beautiful bride in seven days of

You dreamed not one month, planned, guessed what it will be, day of your wedding. Long chose a dress, jewelry, carefully made the list of guests, gave manuals to cooks, florists, organizers. And itself did not notice how desired day crept to you absolutely close. It is so close that you became puzzled and you do not know what to do farther.

Do not worry! At least seven days also seem madly short term before such global celebration But, if so there were circumstances, you should not panic. These days will be enough to make all the most necessary and even slightly to relax and calm down.

If you need to grow thin slightly, to well, dump kilogram of excess weight for this term quite really. Try a low-fat dairy products, fruit, vegetables, boiled chicken meat and seafood diet. But nevertheless do not forbid yourself small weak point in the form of a piece of chocolate or a small candy, nervousness these days will pursue you constantly, and the droplet of good mood (and from sweet it will surely rise) will not prevent.

So, you have one week.

Surely be engaged in skin of hands. Daily do masks, nutritious trays and apply with a thick layer the moisturizing cream. Then in day of a celebration darling will put on a ringlet the most beautiful and well-groomed finger in the world!

It is impossible to forget also about hair. Few times for this week make the mask suitable to your type of hair, and stop using means for laying, let your ringlets from them will have a rest.

In 5 days up to the planned day surely be taken by the choice of a festive make-up. Otherwise then it is necessary to solve everything in a hurry, and you will hardly be satisfied with result. Colors of a make-up have to be in harmony with tone of a dress and accessories. Only remember that for experiments now not the most suitable time.

In 3 days prior to a celebration it is worth being engaged also in legs that they comfortably felt in open shoes. Make a vitamin tray for legs, process foot pumice, massage fingers. After a tray it is possible to start also a pedicure. Process nails a nail file, cut (only do not round off, differently they will unpleasantly grow into skin) and put a varnish. Remember that color of a varnish has to be same, as on hands.

There was only one day? Already tomorrow you will become not just a girl, and the beloved wife. Be not too lazy to make a peeling of all body, to clean a face a gentle srub and to apply a mask on a decollete zone (the decollete zone, most likely, will be most open in your wedding dress therefore skin has to be faultless there). After acceptance of a bathtub make manicure. Only remember that color of a varnish has to be in harmony with a wedding dress, accessories and all image in general. Put a sheeting that for the remained days not to spoil incidentally beauty of the marigold.

Having finished with all above-mentioned procedures, do not run to check degree of readiness of a banquet, the number of musicians and the menu... Watch good film better, chat with the girlfriend or descend on walk: breathe fresh air, admire types, feed pigeons. And the main thing, go to bed a bit earlier. Tomorrow you should be the most beautiful, most charming and happiest bride!