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What they, inhabitants of an air?

the Man`s, low and very concerning voice from the radio receiver reach my hearing. And right there the imagination what It, his owner begins to work? Perhaps the high brunette with blue eyes? Or the thickset, brawny blonde with a charming smile?.

And in reality it turns out that in studio of the air the little ordinary fellow, nothing externally not remarkable sits. But I - that do not know about it! And why nobility? It is so more interesting! I impose the image which is thought up by me on a sound and with pleasure I listen to favourite radio station from - for this of a wonderful voice...

Here it, a hook on which radio listeners peck. And not only women. Who told that at men the imagination is developed less?

To work for radio! Ah, as romantically! As it is unusual and fascinating! Yes? I will tell now how it - to broadcast in direct and indirect air, and you solve whether this profession is so romantic. Done? Then TISHINA - three two one

Good morning to all who are ready for a wave of the radio!
the Voice radiates cheerfulness, a positive, and it seems that the girl - di - Jay just did exercises and cold rubdown. Actually all not so, well, or not absolutely so. In the morning, hours so in five, and even earlier, she wanted to break a small mean alarm clock, but restrained. Quickly, on a habit, rinsed a face with ice water from - under the crane that though slightly - slightly to recover, got into a warm sweater and old, but such convenient jeans and ran on a stop. In a minibus dozed off, but in time woke up As a result on a chair in to an efirka flopped without delay.

Microphone, earphones thought the main thing not to fall asleep and all hear a vigorous wish of kind morning and successful day. How to it it worked well? To what to ask such questions? It professional! And it is not important that after the first inclusions the girl slowly goes to a teapot to make double coffee without sugar, it is not important that then she small drafts drinks it as reviver and, sleepy, tries to put in order which - as the hair combed in the morning. The main thing that in the second and all the subsequent inclusions the girl is di - Jay (to the driver of a minibus, the student or the housewife) will give one and all excellent mood easily and positively begun day in which there is no place for yawning and a sleepiness.

Informatsionka. Here everything boils. No Boils - not that word! Terrible voice of the chief of information service: Something somewhere happened? . Silence. It is bad. If it happens, it will be good . Of course, this exaggeration. However it is not so far from truth.

Correspondent: Accident on MKAD!!!

Chief: How many victims?

Correspondent: Without the victims.

Chief: We do not give. There will be victims, information will be prepared.

Correspondent: In Thailand again revolution!

Chief: It is old

Correspondent: In Zimbabwe inflation gains steam!

Chief: It is not new! Give Svezhak to me! Svezhaka! Rotten stuff everywhere!

Correspondent: About! Bush otmochit again!

Chief: Give! It is always interesting! What else?

Correspondent: Our planet is threatened by an asteroid! Oh, My God, all of us will die!

Chief: About! This, the fact that it is necessary! Give here!

Correspondent: I joked

Chief: Eh I hoped

All laugh

It was lyrical digression and again: News, news, news!!! Quickly, quickly, quickly! Race behind information gains steam

So flies by in the afternoon. Now a lunch, huh? deserved! Yes what there lunch? Sandwich, next cup of coffee and all! The song ended, you on air. If you please to entertain listeners the by the low and very concerning voice .

Here and end of the working day. As quickly it approached. We also did not notice. Someone it is lazy frays in ICQ, someone slowly gathers home, and someone discusses a new album of Zemfira in a smoking-room...

But all this in creative department, and novostiyshchik all also rush about from recording studio in an efirka, from an efirka in an informatsionka, from there in a smoking-room and again in studio... However with reduction of a news flow and they slow down the run around.

Gradually radiyshchik resolve on houses. Only di - Jay of night air melancholically conducts monologues with listeners - night-birds under penetrating sounds of a bewitching voice of Shade...

Today I strained, but tomorrow day off. Eh! Well - that as! Replaceable schedule to me to liking. However, not on holidays when all family notes at a table, and you on air behind the panel. But it is profession costs. Everywhere there are pluses and minuses.

And understanding it, you get up at five in the morning, hurry on a minibus, in time to flop in a chair in an efirka, and after to have breakfast double black coffee because you know: without radio you will never be able any more...