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Malta - small harbor or On what island it is possible to see all history of mankind?

Always seem such strange when very big plane lands on very small island (length and width of Malta less Moscow ring). But this small island, in turn, with extremely saturated history.

The desert archipelago (only 316 with the infertile soil, rare vegetation which is almost deprived of drinking water (there are neither rivers, nor lakes), became the center of gravity of many forces - from unknown pervoposelenets, further Phoenicians (the name Malat - harbor), Carthaginians, the Roman patricians on summer holiday, pirates and dealers, to knights of the Order of Malta and as it is sad, to one of streets in the capital on which houses skupatsya actively in 90 - e by rather well-to-do Russians (with humour of the hanged man nicknamed owing to this fact Street of Red oil industry workers ).

The good climate, fine location - as a partition between Europe and Africa, at present - between Italy and Libya, - of course, played a role. But the first and main riddle of Malta - megaliths. The most ancient constructions on the land and at the bottom of the sea that forced many to speak about again found Atlantis. These megalytic constructions strike not less well-known Stounkhedzha. And taking into account that there are they in the most different places of the Maltese archipelago, including, in the most desert where it is occasionally possible to meet only anonymous 6 hundred parts the local, you like this look, this loneliness, this secret.

Who lived there when? Even the anthropological type of people who lived there more than 5000 years ago and built is unknown - and these constructions are more senior than pyramid of Cheops. Authentically nothing is known except that is prehistoric city raskinuty on several islands, and at the bottom of the sea - temples (say that it is the most ancient man-made constructions in the history of mankind). Also the Maltese Venus is found - you understand that the approximate weight of a deity and symbol more than a centner, the bust and a stomach appeal to fertility - now it in the museum.

To reach to megaliths on the main island quickly and simply. It is simple to rent a car (the movement on the English option) - though the Indian old jeep though Ukrainian To Tavry though Russian Field . Here it is upon return difficult to park, it is almost impossible, and time can leave as much how many on a trip. And as if you were not sure of the correct parking, at the airport on the way back can show you for payment a penalty - be ready also to such succession of events.

But all island it is possible to go round and to examine completely, and even to manage to bathe around grottoes in one day.

On the island two capitals: new (la) Valetta (with the well-known balconies), old - Mdina (the usual name of the old city on - is Arab). Mdina is interesting by ancient architecture, narrow small streets.

In Valletta the main sight - the residence of the Order of Malta. Jerusalem award of gospitalyer strongly lodged on the island since 1530. It has the history, to us well-known. At first knights protected the pilgrims going to pilgrimage then created the smallest state in Europe remaining still (even citizens are there - 10000 people with the passport) and maintaining diplomatic relations with many countries. Present knights of the Order of Malta, by hearsay, seriously are engaged in stock market game.

And it is possible to see in the Maltese residence also portraits, to us acquaintances. Even the Russian emperors did not avoid to enter this strange organization

A on the road can stop by in one of the most impressive museums. The mankind holds also terrible in remembrance, in some countries there are museums of tortures. The Maltese museum really strikes, even Prague will not be compared: not only all tools of tortures are exposed, but also theatrically put live sketches from people, great reapers... The old man - the attendant nearly of crying speaks: We had such heavy history . What to answer? You would know?

Yes, history of Malta is densely connected with mankind history, the island passed from hand to hand, beat off attacks of various aggressors, influenced world events, after World War II long was the English colony. Now - the republic.

Inhabitants speak the (Maltese) language (the Semitic group of afrasian languages close to Arab) and in official English. Appearance is quite Mediterranean: low, thickset, swarty, curly, in faces and eyes something is madly more ancient... Live due to tourism and crafts, in the evenings all family sit on small streets, communicate. Very much a dense population, very high density of tourists - gapers.

And, by the way, for the last who not the big fan to prolezhivat sides on the beach, to you - a direct way on the ferry. Absolutely slightly - slightly - and you on Sicily. Look and will return, quickly and for the rest of life. Well not to fly to Sicily specially, really Malta remains to

A the beautiful island on which it is possible to glance not just deep into centuries, and deep into the millennia, without coming off today with its problems and pleasures.