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What does USE of 2009 differ from USE of last years in?

Before passing the final exams remained only several months. Certainly, now both at graduates of 11 classes, and at teachers there came the most busy season. In total nothing, if not three frightening letters which every year all become stronger in system of our education stronger. If before USE (or the Unified state examination) went on the basis of experiment, then now, it strengthened the positions and became obligatory for all eleventh-graders. Than current, not experimental examination, differs from USE of previous years?

In - the first, to receive the certificate about leaving school to the graduate it is necessary to pass 2 examinations: mathematics and Russian, both in the form of USE. And it is necessary to hand over them not somehow and it is obligatory to gather a necessary minimum which is not established now yet. I will remind that last year no minimum existed. If both examinations are executed on an unsatisfactory assessment, then will not issue the certificate to the graduate.

In this case the graduate who did not receive the certificate remains for the whole year on care of school. In department of formation of my city I was told that the school, to be exact, of course, its management, is obliged to track that the next year school student again came to pass the Unified State Examination. Besides, teachers have to meet requirements of the graduate who did not receive the certificate and to hold for it within a year consultations on mathematics and Russian. But to me for some reason it is hardly believed that teachers with pleasure will help to prepare to it a grief - to the graduate to repeated Unified State Examination.

One more innovation is that from this year on USE will register in the certificate only those objects in which the pupil gained a minimum of points (it is the obligatory level of knowledge which any graduate of school has to own). Earlier in it all examinations executed even on an unsatisfactory mark were noted. Even if the graduate will try to pass examination in 10 objects, but will gather a minimum only on 5, then only these 5 objects will be mentioned in the certificate.

It is good the fact that now, even to arrive on commercial training it is necessary to have a necessary minimum of knowledge of a subject. Let`s present such situation: the entrant files documents to study as the translator. Examinations, necessary for receipt: mathematics, Russian and foreign languages. Passing the Unified State Examination at school, the graduate gained only 10 points on foreign, and necessary at least 15 points. In total a year ago this school student could come to higher education institution and provide the certificate on USE confirming that he took examination in a foreign language though did not gather a necessary minimum. On the budgetary place it, of course, with such certificate would not pass, and here on commercial perhaps...

From this year estimates on USE will not be. If last year in the certificate on state examination specified the number of the gathered balls and an assessment, for example, more than 65 points on mathematics are the five, then from this year only points will register.

It is besides plus. Because earlier in some higher education institutions accepted not on points, and by estimates. Those who passed this or that examination with the five were taken on the budget (and can be so that at one 66 points, and at another 99), and those who with the fours did not take any more (even if you to the five lacked 1 point).

The points gained at Unified State Examination will not be able to affect a total assessment in the certificate. That is if following the results of a year on mathematics the graduate has a five, then USE, handed over on the four, will not affect the five in the certificate in any way.

I will cite as an example a situation from own life. Once and I passed the Unified state examination in school. On mathematics the total assessment at me left the four, and I passed the Unified State Examination on 5. And as a result in the certificate about the termination of the eleventh class at me costs 5. To me it is good, and justice has not enough.

The medal this year will not affect anything. Whether it be gold or silver. Medallists will pass the Unified State Examination under general conditions. At entering a higher education institution they should file the same documents, as all the rest: the certificate about leaving school and the certificate on delivery of uniform examination.

Special conditions of obtaining the school certificate and entering a higher education institution only at disabled people.

to Them it is not obligatory for b to pass the Unified State Examination, for them there is a separate form of examination. But in case the physically disabled person wants to pass the Unified State Examination, there will be enough one his application for that and was.

Period of validity of the certificate in objects Russian and mathematics will make one and a half years. Whereas last year. It is, of course, big plus. The certificate received at leaving school, boys who right after school will go to army will be able to use without effort.

One more innovation of this year - it is necessary to decide by on the choice of examinations which the graduate will take till March 1! To this term to each school student should write the statement in which all objects which it plans to hand over are specified. It is signed by the pupil and obligatory his parents. By the way, and till February 1 all higher educational institutions were obliged to lay out on the Internet lists of the entrance examinations so future entrants had the whole month on that will decide on the list necessary for it for receipt of examinations.

Here I see small minus. All the matter is that for half a year the graduate still can change the mind with the place where he will arrive. Therefore it can turn out so that for receipt to other place it needs to pass examination which the school student did not write in the statement. He will not be able to pass this examination neither at school, nor in educational institution any more. Respectively and to arrive this year there where there was a wish, will not be able.

Besides, I do not see any minuses of USE. Therefore in general I can draw a conclusion that all these innovations to simplify to school students process of release of school and receipt in higher educational institutions, now they should not spend all summer for examinations. To pass the Unified State Examination really, and quite in forces to any graduate. And to avoid failures, it is necessary just to be prepared properly the remained months.