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Whether features of the Jewish cuisine

Are familiar you with the Jewish cuisine? If is not present, let`s esteem together Shol - Aleykhem:

What there dancing if in a belly jolting? If there is a borsch - perfectly, and there is no borsch, and pies will fit or vareniki, dumplings, and even pancakes, lazanka, vertuna... the word, let will be a dish more if only it is rather!

From this small fragment we already, which - that we learn about the Jewish cuisine. For example, that the Jewish dishes were to the taste to other people, and also that many foods of other people became an integral part of the Jewish cuisine.

And still each ethnic cuisine has the rational grain, the highlight . There is this a highlight and in the Jewish cuisine. At all variety of shades which the Jewish cuisine in itself absorbed, thanks to dispersion of Jews worldwide it is united by some very steady traditions.

Is first of all favourite products goose (chicken) fat, eggs, fowl, from fish - a pike and a carp, from vegetables - carrots, beet. Favourite ways of preparation: cooking, suppression, pripuskaniye, roasting. Taste of food should not be sharp, in flavoring scale prevail half tone. Jews like to eat well

, nourishingly, at the same time the majority of dishes differs in simplicity of preparation. Feature of the Jewish cuisine - flour preparations which can be stored long and which allow to prepare different dishes quickly. Matzo, this necessary component of the Jewish meal, can remain some time. It is fine canned bread from which if necessary it is possible to prepare flour quickly. such preparations in the Jewish cuisine a set: it farfela - small flour kernels mandela - small squares from thin crust etc.

But the main thing that distinguishes the Jewish cuisine from others and unites Jews of the whole world, are laws of kashrut. You will not find kosher restaurant in our country, will not offer you the kosher menu on the plane, but each Jew will tell you that the kosher is that order, the set of rules which it is necessary to follow, preparing not only festive, but also everyday food. As ancestors considered, following to laws of kashrut enters the spiritual beginning ennobling the person into simple satisfaction of feeling of hunger. It is the whole philosophy, reflection of cultural and moral wealth of one of dnevneyshy people of the world.

Yes God from dew heavenly and from a tuk of the earth, and a set of bread and " wine will give you; - so Isaak blessed the son Jacob.

we Will begin with these words article devoted to special days in life of the Jewish people which are celebrated in families under the laws which came to us from an extreme antiquity.

is the Sabbath and moady - holidays which unite Jews, in whatever country they lived. It is what we call idishkayt - Jewish tradition.

the Sabbath (Shabes) of

in the Sabbath suits For a kidush (prayer) only grape wine.

1. Carefully wash out grapes and crush it, leave in the cool place without cover for 1 week.

2. separate juice from cake under a press and pour in it in a large bottle with the ground-in traffic jams and polikhlorvinilovy tubes.

3. Densely cork large bottles, lower a tube in a vessel with water. It is a water lock which serves for an exit of gases.

2. You keep large bottles in the dark room within 2 - 3 months.

5. Filter ready wine, pour in bottles.

For the Sabbath is necessary a cup which contains not less than 140 g of wine.

After a kidush the head of the family will take the first sip and will cast wine from the cup all attendee, as if uniting them.

attention of all family members is paid now to lekhy mishne - to two challahs lying in the middle of a table under a napkin.

Preparation Lekhem in the following article.