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What is a trayvertayzing? Freebie, sir!

Again a word English, you will break language. And the most important - you do not know that it means, darling! And promises - that word to all of us, consumers, great advantage.

Tryvertising (English) consists of two words - of TR (test, the test) and of advertizing (advertizing), that is: before buying - try. Tried - tell the neighbor. Wisely. Also it is very effective. It is good when we go to shop and precisely we know what this or that product on taste. Or at least we expect from it something concrete. And how to be with novelties? Why I have to buy this wine or this furniture? I do not know their consumer qualities. What do they differ from one hundred same in? From similar copies of their relatives.

Here - that to us to the aid the producer also hurries with new service - this trayvertayzing. Having taken some free sampler, we become testers and we begin to advance new goods on the market, that is we participate in marketing of the enterprise.

It was pleasant to us, we told about it to the friends and relatives, we are already engaged in advertizing. In it the sense of new marketing tools is also covered.

But is it new? Someone bought the car without test - the drive? At an affirmative answer purchase for certain was in Soviet period when had no time for tests and at all not to the drive - to buy! Today each competent seller gives the chance to feel comfort and advantage of acquisition of the product long before its purchase. It concerns not only some material things. All of us, Internet users, perfectly know about programs - samplers . Them it is possible to download, use them several days, to feel their advantage and usability, and then to pay to the producer a license product. However, national handymen download the free test again and again or look for kryak

At a trayvertayzing a great number of persons. Which of us did not see on streets of the brisk little girls distributing free samplers of spirits, shampoos or, sorry, female laying? And beauties in the branded t-shirts suggesting to drag on a cigarette of new brand? How many around them always curls teenagers. Freebie, sir!

In each new letter - the catalog I receive from the French perfumery company Yves Rocher probnichek with new cream, spirits or the deodorized napkin. They sell me a smell, give the chance to understand how I coincide with this new taste. The producer cares for my comfort, and I with pleasure pay for this care, every time putting in order the new order.

But the trayvertayzing stepped for a framework habitual over the test for a long time - is driving also samplers. Today you will surprise nobody with free tasting of novelties. But we so far not really got used to manifestations of such marketing advance of goods as full immersion in artificially created environment. What is it?

the Eve Baby Company which is letting out children`s diapers established in large shopping centers special cabins for change of a diaper to your kid. But you not just hide naked buttocks of the favourite from public eyes, and right there, in a cabin, receive a free sample of a diaper. It was pleasant in application? There is high probability that next time at the choice of diapers you stop on this brand. Competently created consumer preference.

The Swedish company IKEA which long ago won the world the developments and in this branch of marketing became the pioneer. In many company shops where the furniture of IKEA is on sale, zones - rooms in which it is possible not only to prepare something in kitchen are created, to sit at a table, but also to roll about on a sofa, to plunge completely into the atmosphere of homeliness and to estimate comfort and advantage of future acquisition.

IKEA went further away, and now, for example, this Swedish furniture costs in the Japanese cars of the subway. Japanese, reaching work or house, can estimate quality of sofas of IKEA. People, without being going to buy these goods, at daily use already recognized their convenience. The choice was successful, sales of furniture of IKEA increased in Japan.

Swedes are inventive! One more Swedish company selling bellows of Playground in the shopping centers suited ice fitting rooms. How in the summer to the buyer to understand that this sheepskin coat or a fur coat will sustain subzero temperatures? Welcome to a cold kingdom. Temperature in fitting rooms always - 25 degrees. Sales increased many times!

At today`s aggressive offer and persistence of all advertizing marketing specialists of the whole world look for the most effective ways of advance of the goods. Marketing - science of practicians. Competently, unostentatiously created demand helps to survive any company in the rough world of business. Honest creative ideas always win hearts of consumers.

Do not refuse to become a tester. Who knows, perhaps, this product you looked for all life