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That it to put on it work? Passions on dress - to a code

As often we set to ourselves since morning - very early such question, and we are tormented with doubts. Necessary observance of rules dress - a code of many of us nonpluses. In - the first, these rules it is possible to understand differently. All of us are identity. My friend is administrative assistant long time it was sure that length of a skirt can be above a knee of centimeters on 10, and tights in a setochka - very pertinent speech. However, the wife of her head, the lady aged, was delighted not with a similar dress - a code. Understanding of the wrong position came only when the head openly stated it everything that he thinks.

In - the second, is better when at employment you are acquainted with internal rules where rules dress - a code enter. In large corporations, especially western, governed dress - a code happen rigid. The applicant signs the contract in which he in details blabs out in what it has to be dressed, up to a suit trend. At the main office of the UN the employee on legal grounds can go to replace home from a threshold tone of panty hoses with more successful, to replace improper footwear, and at the expense of its working hours.

There is also such point of view. In the winter let dress - the code is valid, and it is possible also for itself in the summer, to darling to make ease. Transparent blouses, topics, T-shirts, bridzhik, kaprik are used Need to observe strictly dress - a code not to one employee spoils mood. Conditioners for the present are not at all offices. And then, tell on favor how elegantly to look to the man in a tie and a strict suit, the woman in tights during a heat? Dress - a code this well forgotten old. In ancient Egypt there were rules of emergence in public places. For example, after a morning toilet, the man was recommended to appear in public places with bracelets on wrists, with rings on fingers, on a neck - breast ornament. In especially solemn occasions respectability to its look was given by a suspension bracket from a jasper or a cornelian on a long lace. In such dress the Egyptian could appear outside the dwelling, conducted business negotiations, came into establishment.

How many hot discussions, secret protests and freethinking are stated by employees of different fields of activity. And still Dress - the code strengthens the positions. At the same time some companies go into extremes. Excerpt from regulations of " firm; N does not leave a freedom of choice to unfortunate employees. For maintenance of uniform corporate style and business image of the company to employees it is imputed a duty to strictly execute all listed below requirements. Violation of the rules of uniform corporate style of the company arrival for work or on negotiations and business meetings out of office in sports or jeans clothes is considered; in the transparent clothes or clothes which are completely opening hands, a stomach or legs; in sports or open shoes (sandals, sandals etc.) . The Employee of the company has to come to work brushed and pure. The shirt, linen and socks should be changed every day. It is necessary to use a shower twice a day. The head should be washed at least once in three days, at an oily hair - is more often .

A if you are a public servant, clothes for you not a way of expression, and more likely a uniform? More likely, yes, than is not present. In General rules of the public servant accepted by Head department of Public service of Ukraine, there are articles No. 5 and No. 6, well-known among officials who oblige compliances of expectations of the public and ensuring trust of society and citizens to public service respect for positive image and authority of public authorities and public service in general . Really, the management of public institutions has legal rights to impose requirements to appearance of subordinates. And people, by the way, meet different. Many treat appearance scrupulously, take criticism of the administration painfully! Possibly, many begin to remember as did an acid test of them in kindergarten or school of the aunty in white dressing gowns.

Then can be, arrive different way if it is impossible to change radically a situation, maybe, it is possible to change the attitude towards her?

Is good if in firm loyal office clothes style is welcomed. Not striking make-up, accurate hairdress, manicure and pedicure of reserved coloring. Insistence degree to office style of employees depends on a field of activity of firm. The employee working in system - the person - the person has to look perfectly. Liberties are excluded. At the same time the clothes for representatives of liberal, creative professions can be not too strict. As a rule, people creative emphasize the non-standard, stand out from the crowd. The main thing not to go too far.

Well and white not to carry, fitting not to put on !

What to do with dress - a code? To relax and derive pleasure. Exist and Friday days . Friday days appeared in the western companies, so-called casual fridays. These days it is authorized to dare to come to work in what there is a wish, even in jeans. On Fridays to the employees allow to relax and appear at work in the clothes which are not sustained in an official style - in the same, for example, the jeans which are strictly forbidden in other days of week. At us not everyone follows such rules so far, but easily can fine for violation of the rules dress - a code. The principle is clear: method of a carrot and stick, opportunity to exhaust and smoothly, without stress, to pass to days off.

For what I call?

Personally I hold the opinion that it is much more important to estimate the employee on his professional qualities. Though, of course, the general rules need to be followed. Perhaps, in your company the way to heart of your head lies through observance of regulations?