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Retinopathy, open a face!

All know common truth, that it is necessary to study on others mistakes, especially if these mistakes stand health or what it is worse than - life. Here we live, we cook in the compote and are sure that nothing of that kind terrible can happen to us, all of us know and we count everything beforehand. And the destiny introduces the amendments.

So the Retinopathy rushed into life of my friends. No, it is not the lovely girl with a rare name, and an unusual disease. In appearance nothing awful, but a consequence just tragic, especially it, somebody, and the baby - the daughter, struck with all the long-awaited child.

The retinopathy premature is the serious disease affecting a retina of eyes of premature children. For the last decades the medicine evolved dramatically forward. The chance to survive appeared almost at all kids that were born on light long before the put term. Nursing, they are placed under a so-called cap - the couveuse where doctors try to bring closer as much as possible conditions to in what the fruit develops during pregnancy, however often it does not lead to desirable result. So normal development and growth of vessels of a retina of an eye can stop, and then pathological vessels begin to develop that can lead subsequently to the interfaced diseases of an eye, various on the complexity, and as a result - to a total blindness.

Allocate 5 stages of a disease. At some children at 1 - 3 stages development of a disease can be suspended, in the most happy occurences completely to get rid of it, but the main thing here not how to treat that as practice very few people manage shows, and to prevent from the first days of life when it is still possible to turn back.

In risk group it is possible to carry kids with a low weight at the birth (1,4 kg and less) if there was a need for additional oxygen within the first week of life, an unstable general state after the birth. Such kids surely have to pass ophthalmologic inspection for 4 - 6 weeks of life by means of the ophtalmoscope, and after and numerous repeated surveys!!!

All above told was given not to frighten - ah look, the new trouble on our heads and to inform, the one who owns knowledge in some measure is protected. Often our carelessness and ignorance leads to sad consequences.

So good luck also take care!