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Whether the Russian service facing the client will turn sometime?

Today`s visit of bank induced me to write this article. Visit of shops, savings banks, the post offices and other points rendering services are to me surprising and some unclear feeling of surprise with offense impurity.

I think, this feeling is clear to much. You leave the house in high spirits, you come into some point rendering services and good mood as a hand removes. Why we have such low level of service? Why the people working in services industry cannot in any way and do not want to understand what is earned by them thanks to the client?

You come, for example, to bank to transfer money. You greet the cashier, there is no answer, thanks if raise on you the eyes, though dissatisfied, and that is even worse as though you are absent, you are ignored.

For the cashier you - nobody, next, distracting from affairs or rest, the client. Look at us with such look on which it is obviously read supposedly everyones go here

When I face the such relation, I involuntarily remember one entertaining story which was told by my acquaintance. She went to the USA, the state of Miami, on a visit to the daughter. Two of them went to shop behind products. She told that coming into shop, was surprised that there is nobody, empty halls. Only they reached shelves with products as from nowhere, the selling assistant appeared. With a polite smile he helped them to choose products, consulted, the smile did not descend from his face all this time.

My acquaintance was just in a little shock, she never saw in Russia of such service, though lives in enough - the large city. Where they would not go, everywhere service did not come within miles of Russian. While she was on a visit, managed to get used to this pleasant communication, to good, as we know, quickly get used.

Time on a visit flew by quickly and my acquaintance came back home, to Russia. It was necessary to go it to shop. On the trouble she decided to ask the seller about some product. The seller in reply poured out a discontent storm. My acquaintance did not keep and burst out laughing, after the western service by her was ridiculous to tears. On a question: What ridiculous? she could even explain nothing, just left. There is such sad story.

And here other history already from my personal collection. When I worked as the accountant according to the accounting of export operations in one firm, the foreign buyer pressed to carry out all mutual settlements through one large Russian bank (for obvious reasons I do not give a company name and bank here). This bank is known abroad and inspires trust. The desire of the client - the law, and to us was necessary to sign the contract with this bank. In our city there was a branch of this bank.

We did not even suspect about what difficulties expected us. It was very heavy to work with this bank. The personnel were not really competent, there was a big routine of shots, invariable was only a chief of currency department. It was impossible to agree about something with the head of department, constantly there were problems. We could not always receive answers to our questions, it was necessary even to call in head office of bank in Moscow to solve urgent problems.

On our happiness, the contract with the foreign buyer was concluded for short term, and soon operations through this ill-fated bank stopped. We breathed sigh of relief.

There was a most interesting. Probably, from Moscow became interested why transfers into account of our firm stopped. There was a miracle, the chief of currency our department beloved bank understood that was, to put it mildly, not really - that it is polite with us. Even was interested why we ceased to work with them, she talked now very politely and carefully. We, of course, just explained that contract term expired, and for ourselves decided that more you should not deal with this bank. In spite of the fact that the bank was large and known in the world, quality of service leaves much to be desired.

I gave these examples to emphasize that there is no difference in service of natural and legal entities. All are equally restrained.

Instead of pleasure from perfect purchase we suffer indignity. I do not want to generalize all here, but establishments and the enterprises with high quality of service - so far a rarity in Russia. So to say, wonder. Whether the Russian service to the best will change sometime? Whether the serving sphere one step higher will be able to step?

There is a strong wish to hope that it will occur, the consciousness of the workers serving us will change and all of us will enjoy from the kind relation to us.