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A vesiculate story

of Reflection about a past

Some time ago destiny pushed off me with surprising material - a vesiculate film.

It was required to organize room moving of the boss (yes, and to these managers were engaged too). Naturally there was a set of equipment, to expensive furniture, pictures. Questions with transport were not since the firm had the vehicle fleet. But, how not to damage all this??? Vain attempts to find as or suitable packing in Tolyatti and the Samara region suffered crash. Time drew in, the boss was nervous - the new mansion was already exhausted on the owner. My last option was - old blankets and foam rubber. Understood that to look it will be ridiculous, but the salary will remain whole. Then I did not even reflect how many to dirt will remain on equipment after such packing.

Penultimate day before moving came. I left work a bit earlier to buy foam rubber, and to be prepared for tomorrow`s hell. When I drove up to porolonovy office and saw the granary lock and a typographical error on doors, I understood that the trouble came. And, as my intuition, not one prompted to me. I stupidly looked at doors in the car my darling played Scorpions in the head the last offers on employment turned

Ya stopped by at shop, took Johnny Walker`s bottle, and with firm intention to leave in it at all, went to the bosom friend Ivan Vasilyevich (here Russians slightly that for a bottle and to friends. as they say, both in pleasure and in the mountain). At the next intersection me it is dashing cut Gazelle. Having dirty sworn, I managed to read only on its board delivery of packing across Tolyatti . I do not know itself why, but I intended to stop the reckless driver. But not with the purpose to scold for deeds, and to find out whether is not present at it in a foam rubber body. It should be noted, I stopped it long enough, the guy probably was afraid of punishment and was not going to give up.

I was helped by a case, to be exact crew of traffic police. Having stopped the poor creature on examination, they gave me an opportunity to get acquainted better with the driver. I told it about the trouble, and asked whether I at them can get foam rubber. Having learned why it is necessary to me, Kirill (so called the driver) opened the body doors. I knocked down legs! It seemed to me that I got to Heaven, and over Kirill`s head the nimbus shines. It was (as I learned later) vozdushno - a vesiculate film. Having made swear Kirill that he will not get sick, will not be gone, will not go urgently to Haiti, I rushed off further. But already with absolutely other mood.

And further Farther everything was fine, how in the fairy tale. Having crushed Johnny Walker, I safely lost to Ivan Vasilyevich five games of billiard. And next day, having tightened on the apartment of the boss, I saw the touching picture: cheerfully using foul language, ours French dragged furniture generously wrapped up in the divine packing material which saved to me life.

In the evening, having received an official message of thanks for safety of his wealth from the boss, I also received party invitation, dated for housewarming where to me there were some more events which abruptly changed my life.

But it is already other history