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Whether you like to sing? Sing on health!

to us the song help to build and live

It as the friend, calls us and conducts,

I the one who from songs on life walks,

That will never and anywhere be gone!

of Muses. I. Dunayevsky

of V. Lebedev`s Word - the Red bunting.

This march from the movie Cheerful children appeared till my birth, with it not one generation of the Soviet people grew, it is popular and now because actually, from songs it is easier to live and overcome any difficulties. As long as I could remember, in our family all liked to sing. No, actors among us were not, nobody became a singer. But the grandmother always sang something, doing the household chores. During war when not that the electricity in our houses was not, and and for an oil lamp of kerosene not to get, sat in the winter evenings at a splinter or at an open door of an oven, the grandmother sang the Russian songs, generally lingering. Now such songs sing seldom unless where - nibud in folklore ensembles. I in memory had only separate words from those songs: Once upon a time there was Dunya, Dunya - a tonkopryakha I with komariky, with komariky Ducks " Fly; Spinner (In a low svetelka the spark burns.), white geese " floated to Marusenka; In a dark, in a dark for a lesye, for a lesye (this song if memory does not change, sang Afonya in the movie Afonya ) and great number of others.

Me was years 5 - 6 when the mother`s younger twenty-year-old sister taught me to sing the song The sea widely " Was stretched; . Well not the so children`s song, and I even cried when the aunt sang about the fireman`s funeral in the sea. However, did not marry the seaman yet (here predicted!) could not understand words: ... and a bed the corpse was wrapped up . And sang which - as the corpse was wrapped up . The husband explained that beds - that were before tarpaulin, suspended, as hammocks and if the seaman died in the sea, then he in its bed and was wrapped.

Much also my mother sang. Sometimes I am surprised, to them, both mother, and the grandmother, had very difficult life, worked very hard, and starved much, and sang! Mother of songs knew great variety, both ancient, and military, and post-war. What voice the grandmother had - I do not remember, so long ago it was. And mother had very beautiful voice, strong. She sang always - when fed children or put to bed, standing at a plate when ironed clothes, in a kitchen garden and during the haymaking, and even in the wood when brooms broke, berries or mushrooms were gathered. Very much mother loved songs Pozarastal stitches - paths Thin mountain ash In total cornflowers, cornflowers... . And when in post-war time began to gather for holidays the small companies - to songs there was no end. Mother`s girlfriends are coevals, and those few men that returned from war, did not imagine a holiday without songs. Knew their great variety, and we, children, already then remembered words, and having become more senior, and sang along. Behind songs also household inconveniences - problems, both shortage of products, and other difficulties of the end of the fortieth - the fiftieth were somehow forgotten. N. V. Gogol wrote: Show me the people at which would be songs more... Under songs are cut from pine logs of a log hut across all Russia. Under songs bricks and as mushrooms rush about from hand to hand, the cities grow. Under songs of women the Russian person is swaddled, marries and buried...

At school during my study and my younger sisters and brothers, paid much attention to choral singing. On school evenings arranged song five-minutes, in the hall often hung out the playful slogan: Our evening without songs - is uninteresting, develop bravely vocal chords! . Especially to me the chorus of the senior classes, with 8 - go on 10 - y where we went with great pleasure was remembered. The teacher of geography who was perfectly playing an accordion and knowing music basics directed chorus. As performed by our chorus the song " beautifully sounded; You Fly, pigeons, you fly ! (muses. I. Dunayevsky, M. Matusovsky`s word) . And on all life it was remembered by Bell vesper - the song which was considered then national. And only rather recently I learned that music was written by the spiritual composer Vasily Zinovyev on Thomas Moore`s verses in translation of the blind Yaroslavl poet Ivan Kozlov (see www. rg. ru/2004/02/06/zvon. html, Marina Shimanskaya`s article).

The habit to sing remained since childhood for the rest of life. I, as well as mother, like to sing something during all the household chores. No matter, that I have a weak voice, but I know words of very many songs. I sing when to me it is cheerful and when it is sad when the world suddenly grows dull, the song helps to lighten mood. My husband had very strong and beautiful voice, in youth he participated in amateur performance, played a bayan and a guitar a little, and any family holiday did not do without songs. Yes any business is argued with the song! I had such case. In 1993 I arrived for the first time in the USA, in Cincinnati. Time was difficult, money was very necessary, and I managed to get a job for one and a half months in small small restaurant to wash the dishes. I almost did not know language, work not difficult, I wash the dishes, I clean pans, brushed thoroughly walls at the workplace, and all the time I sing our Russian songs. Employees of kitchen are distracted by talk, to smoke will leave, and I sing and I work. (On ours - the chief - to the cook) it was necessary to the owner and the manager, it is visible, it to liking. Did not want to release, asked to remain still, even wanted to prolong the visa. And in the last day works presented big cake and a beautiful t-shirt with a cap. And when I in half a year arrived for the second time in Cincinnati, I was hired right there in this cafe.

Physicians paid attention to beneficial influence of music and singing to human health for a long time. Especially often psychotherapists use music for treatment. One works lighten mood, others calm, pacify, treat soul and a body. It appears, by means of singing to put in order lungs (look how the thorax at professional singers is well developed), to improve blood circulation and and complexion, to correct a bearing, to settle the weight, to improve diction and statement of informal conversation, and how long it is known, even to correct such defect as stutter! Singing helps to get rid of stresses. If you have a bad mood, or you test intensity - sing, sing everything that you remember and you can even if you never studied singing and as speak, to you it have Van Gogh`s ear for music . One business to listen to music, but it is much more useful to sing. Also it is a pity that the present youth practically does not sing (I communicate with friends of sons and grandsons). Gather for any parties and parties conduct table-talks, listen to music, but do not sing, even under karaoke it is not possible to hype up them.

Scientists found out that during singing in a brain special chemicals thanks to which the person feels rest and pleasure are produced. In their opinion, singing sets in motion being in a brain molecules responsible for emotions therefore by means of singing it is possible not only to express, but also to cause these or those feelings. Vibration of a voice is very important for good health. Reproduction of some vowels forces to vibrate tonsils, glands and helps to clear an organism of slags. Singing is especially important for children. Not incidentally at each school try to organize chorus, choral singing it not only advantage for health, but also formation of the friendly relations in collective. In the USA at each school there are big choral collectives, singing in chorus is equated to lessons. These children`s choruses often speak at different actions. Recently we were on a hockey match between teams of Houston and Pittsburgh in huge Toyota the Center. Before competitions the huge summary chorus executed the National anthem, and in breaks several children`s choruses from different schools acted. They sang remarkably! And I do not know why I received more positive emotions - from game of hockey players or from choral singing.

About twenty years ago the movie - a performance of the Moscow theater of Satire " was very popular; Wake up and sing according to the play of the Hungarian writer Miklosh Dyarfash of the same name . The song from this performance just also urges us to be on friendly terms with the song and never to despond, then life will be easier and more successful:

Wake up and sing, wake up and sing. Try

in life at least once -

not to let out a smile from open eyes. Start up

the success

is whimsical He chooses from those,

Who can laugh the first at itself. Sing

, filling up, sing in a dream, wake up and sing!
So sing

on health and let all your relatives sing!