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How not to fall into a trap Anti-plagiarism ? Many students of economic and legal specialties have

, especially the first courses, there is a problem when writing original papers, term and other scientific papers. To create high-quality work, good skills of processing and systematization of information are necessary. It is simple to copy the paragraphs which are rather suitable under our subject from the sprained textbook - it is impossible, this scientific work will not be considered original and in fact will be only the abstract, no more. It is possible to arrive in a different way: to pick up information from several sources, to copy the necessary fragments and to aggregate them as the designer. But it is simpler to take already ready paper on the Internet and, having made small amendments, to give out for the - it is quite often thought to us. But not everything is so simple the " system is sent to

Against similar decisions of unlucky students; Anti-plagiarism (www. antiplagiat. ru), successfully acting since 2005. Let`s get acquainted with it closer.

The system is created by the " company; Foreksis by request of the Moscow institute of economy, management and the right. Anti-plagiarism checks any texts for existence of loans. In a year after the emergence the system became very popular among teachers. And it is not casual. The system is urged to induce the texts which are trained to independent writing, to eradicate the imitation of study assuming an enormous scale and to increase quality of Russian education. In the field of economy and the right scales of loan of texts indeed amaze: to 90% of materials are stolen from the Internet. So Anti-plagiarism became a faithful dog on guards of science. Strict, all-seeing, fast and - fair.

The principle of work of this program is simple: it is enough to open the website and to load in a special window the document, for example, a term paper on economy. Anti-plagiarism looks for similar texts in Worldwide network and in several seconds gives result: the text is original or for a certain number of percent is a stolen property. And references to real authors.

That it is simple to deceive system not so-. Search of coincidence is carried out by method of comparison of sequences of symbols, it does not consider language features. Besides, Anti-plagiarism - the polyglot, works with any language. The system successfully copes with HTML formats, RTF, PDF, TXT and DOC, collects information from the websites, bases of papers and scientific articles. In an arsenal at Anti-plagiarism more than four million sources. Having considered large volumes of loan of economic works, creators Anti-plagiarism develop special modules for this direction of knowledge.

How not to fall a victim of a vigilant eye Anti-plagiarism ? Of course, it is better to write really work independently. Difficulties in information processing, as a rule, arise only in the first works on the corresponding subject. If you accustom yourself accurately and after careful consideration to state the main ideas of messages (but not to write off strangers) - to any anti-plagiarism of the world not to reach you.

For a start try to read the small fragments from different sources united by one subject. Reflect in what distinctions in thoughts of different authors why is or not contradictions, estimate as these fragments can add each other and develop into the uniform text on your subject. And, being guided by primary sources, begin to write. If you experience difficulties in a formulation, and you should address a source text, try to change it so that more than three words in the offer in a row were not precisely copied. Of course, in the works on the right and economy sated with special irreplaceable terms it is hard. It is desirable to change cases, to insert pretexts, to interchange the position of words. Use the " resources; Anti-plagiarism in own favor - check primary sources which you are going to use for uniqueness. If you insert into work the full quote in quotes, with the indication of a name and surname of the author, plagiarism it, of course, is not.

Certainly, Anti-plagiarism it is not perfect. There were cases when the program recognized the text as for 100% original, and actually it was completely stolen. To count and still on perhaps is not necessary, it is better to try that works were unique, and the offensive word plagiarism to your texts it will be inapplicable!