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Long live Men!!!

As we love holidays! And business here not that gifts will be, and in what atmosphere sets in around! Be - that celebration of New year, grandiose on scales, or the kind and nice name day! In such days since the morning in air the feeling something fine and gentle flies, even the most zealous pragmatists and cynics for some moment are dipped into this stream of heat, and the desire to be special this day and to make something unimaginable, just overflows with the head.

Here and in anticipation of February 23 there comes this pleasant vanity. For a long time for many this day does not bear that initial value which was put last century, a code the Red Army was glorified. Today on February 23 - the Defender of the Fatherland Day, and for many simply remarkable opportunity to congratulate men dear to heart.

We so a little and so seldom tell each other pleasant words, we admit that we actually feel and what we want from mutual existence under this fine blue sky.

If was not this day, it should be thought up. Behind daily vanity, the solution of pressing problems, a pursuit of the capital and the best place in the sun, we should stop on February 23 and to remember fine - about our men!

I do not know how our world in the far future when, speak will look, the mankind will be same-sex, but is sure of one - now, time when we live in harmony. Such different - men and the women completely opposite and at the same time, so perfectly supplementing each other.

Is so pleasant to feel tender care, fortress of embraces and reliability of a male shoulder - on the one hand, and tenderness of lips, caress of hands and sometimes, some children`s vulnerability - on the other hand. The sensitive, attentive, confident man capable to let to the woman to feel the WOMAN in the true sense of the word - happiness and the most precious gift of destiny is simple.

the Word MAN is associated at many with the concepts Protection and Reliability. IT - first of all the defender and a support for the relatives and favourite people, the defender of the ideas and rights, the defender weak and needing the help and guardianship. Yes, you will tell a lot of pathos, however, all the same there is a strong wish to feel these qualities in men though slightly - slightly, especially now when many live by the principle everyone for .

Dear men, let everything in your life comes easily, as they say - without fight. That all undertakings and ideas were promptly embodied and brought that sweet feeling of own importance and strong confidence in the forces and success that is that steel core successful people. Simply, look back - how many opportunities are concealed around. Know, everything that is in this world good with ease can become yours. For a second do not doubt! It is a little efforts, will of patience and any desire or dream will be embodied in reality. We believe in you and we love very much!