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What features of national lying police officers?

I needed Recently to get on the concrete street of one city situated near Moscow. As it sometimes happens, without being local and without having the map of this concrete town, I got lost. In such cases as it is correctly specified in recommendations of traffic police, it is better to resort to the help strangers . Has to notice that all persons in this settlement were for me foreign. Therefore, I safely addressed the first comer to me to such person - the little man with a good-natured physiognomy who intelligibly explained to me that I came around not there.

I thanked him for this opening, read the name of the street for the sake of which I, actually, also visited this lovely town from a notebook. The native made a fun of me and surely declared that required me the street to be in other end of the city. He in detail told where to me to go how many turns I have to make and where. Warned that the main route through the city is constantly filled that, by the way, I saw with own eyes on the way from Moscow. Contemplating my sour physiognomy at a mention of the highway, it added that there is one road hidden from strangers parallel to the main highway. Very little who knows about it, but it will bring practically to the street necessary to me. It was what is necessary.

The little man depicted the forthcoming way also accurately and laconically, asked at parting a money on a beer small bottle, if does not complicate . Me this request of the rumpled native did not complicate, and we left happy with each other.

Ya went on the specified way. After several turns went deep into boondocks of the city and came out to the narrow street in two strips. On the one hand there was the long two-meter fence fencing some production base or warehouse economy. Important the fact that along a protection lasted a thin tape of asphalt, probably, for pedestrians, and a small narrow lawn. While I went on the carriageway, on this sidewalk did not notice any pedestrian. On which on the party I drove, there were several ordinary-looking five-storey buildings. And one gas station at some distance.

Quality of asphalt under wheels - holes, hollows, wells. You will not gain speed if the car suspension bracket is expensive to you. In the direction of travel I managed to see a two-three of the walking locals, but no more. During all the time that I shivered on this street, towards passed one bus and one car. Silence. Police officers, that is GAI officers, no. And what to do to them here when speed on potholes of 35 - 40 km. at most. Almost deserted street. On the right gas station was drawn. And here after it other police officers - lying unexpectedly appeared. I reduced speed even more, passed one. But through meters fifty, there was one more. I slightly was surprised: why in such backwoods where it is few the movement where the road already does not allow to move quicker than a turtle, also the lying police officer?

I did not see either school, or kindergarten, or policlinic throughout the carriageway. A fence on the one hand, waste grounds with impregnations of five-storey buildings - with another. Gas station. In total. But when still meters through two hundred I saw a sign that ahead these roughnesses lie again, I was surprised. Having passed all street, counted five pieces. Quite fresh. After the last I even stopped. Question Why here imposed so many obstacles? excited me. There was a wish even to ask about it some local driver, but in visibility limits such it did not appear. As well as passersby. Silence and rest.

And here at the long two-meter fence on other party I saw a dog family. Mongrels. Mummy and three puppies. Beasts separated from a high protection and slowly, important, grandly began to mince through the carriageway on the opposite side where I parked. And then I understood for whom laid five pieces of expensive lying police officers. For local vagrant dogs! There is nobody any more. Having been surprised humanities of local authorities, I got back into salon and continued to shake on hollows and potholes, to go round holes with water and to drive as the racer. Only as racer tormoznuty: without any humps speed fluctuated in amplitude of 30 - 35 km/h. And when moved these five artificial obstacles in asphalt, the arrow fell to 10 - 15 km/h.

the Clever dog family crossed the road accurately between two humps. Domestic dogs in all used an innovation in these backwoods - lying police officers. It is very humane approach in relation to dumb animals.