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When there is a Cuckoo holiday?

are difficult to imagine the wood without birds, without their singing, but it is even more difficult without cuckoo. Loud ku - ku birds each of us repeatedly heard. And what the cuckoo of nests does not build, and encloses eggs in others - also all of us know well. In the people there is even an offensive nickname mother - a cuckoo - so speak about the woman who threw the children or disregarded.

Probably thanks to these features, a cuckoo more often than other birds it is mentioned in national songs, beliefs and fairy tales. Since ancient times Slavs attributed to a cuckoo unusual, mythical properties. They considered a cuckoo of things. Slavs believed that she spends winter time in Iriye, a kingdom of dead souls and therefore she can tell of terms of the birth and death of the person, of duration of the marriage unions and even of the beginning of thunder-storms and rains.

In Russia besides traditional church holidays there were also others, thought up by the people and devoted to the nature. The holiday devoted to a cuckoo which was celebrated last Sunday of May belonged to such holidays. The holiday and was called - a festival of a cuckoo or a kumleniye. This year this day falls on May 31.

Young unmarried girls were the main participants of a holiday. Sense of a holiday - the spiritual help and support between women who had no children yet. For a holiday did cuckoo - it could be a self-made effigy of a bird or the dressed-up tree, usually a birch. Cuckoo was a symbol of fruitful force and youth. The holiday was followed by weaving of wreaths, rounds, games and guessing. Came to an end with Gulyanye with a joint lunch with traditional fried eggs. And also this day it was possible to kumitsya - to become related by soul with loved dear one.

It was necessary to kiss according to a kumleniye ceremony - through a wreath from a grass and flowers or from birch branches, having exchanged crosses. At the same time girls kept saying such words:

Kumis, kumis, become related, become related,

at us for two - the general life.

Neither pleasure, nor tears, nor the word,

a case - we will not be separated

of Pokumivshis, girls reckoned as girlfriends for the rest of life or to the following kumleniye with other girl.

And girls on a grass root " guessed; cuckoo tears (yatryshnik) to learn who at them will be born - the boy or the girl. For this purpose the root was dug out of the earth and looked if it was long, then the boy had to be born if round - the girl. Here such simple fortune-telling was trusted by our ancestors.

At Slavs existed many signs connected with a cuckoo. Some these signs belong also to traditions of other countries. For example, at ancient Hindus the cuckoo proclaimed decisions of god of Indra, a coma how many to live. At Germans - served the Thunderer the Torah, at Greeks god Zeus turned into it, and at Slavs the cuckoo was considered by the embodiment of the goddess of life and fertility - Are live. In Russia was considered:

The cuckoo of the first flies away to the country promised and the last comes back - therefore it is called Iriya`s key keeper . Here means that on wintering the cuckoo flies away to warm regions the first, and the latest comes back.

Who will for the first time hear a cuckoo next the heart, the present year promises that misfortunes . Conclusion: in the wood it is better to go for a walk on a full stomach, and that God forbid, a cuckoo you will hear.

How many time is prokukut by the first cuckoo - so many years to you in maids to go . So girls guessed about the term of the marriage.

Having heard a cuckoo the first time in a year, shake money in the pocket that money was not transferred all year . If at this moment money in pockets was not, then there will be no their and whole year. Remember to whom this year the cuckoo predicted poverty?

If the cuckoo cuckooes on the rooftop - that to an illness or death . Often shout of a cuckoo was regarded as an ominous omen, not for nothing she was considered as a bird - the prophet. Was considered that the early kukovaniye of a cuckoo when the wood did not put on foliage yet, foretells poor harvest summer and hunger.

A cuckoo - a bird prophetic: how many time prokukut, so many years will live . This sign is known to all still. Very often having caught a cuckoo in the wood, we ask her a question: The Cuckoo, a cuckoo how many years it was necessary to live? and, of course, for fun we perceive in reply it ku - ku .

Each national sign connected with a bird bears a certain vital sense, has a certain value. In total - that at our ancestors was accurately noticed, and we need only to trust in these signs or to wave away cheerfully. The choice for you.