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And how you dry hands, visiting a public toilet?

lead Warm air from electric hand-driers which we daily use in public toilets to sharp increase in bacteria on hands and pollutes air in rooms where they are established. During the research conducted by Westminster university London, Great Britain, it was found out that after use of dryers the number of bacteria on hands increases up to 254% while use of paper towels reduces quantity of bacteria to 77%.

But, unfortunately, when using of a public toilet the visitor not always receives the service meeting hygienic standards.

Testing 3 - x various ways of drying of hands after washing, carried out at department of biological sciences of Westminster university, showed the results which are considerably differing from each other. Paper towels, traditional hand-driers and dryers of new generation jet air were tested.

Hand-driers the ideal place for reproduction of bacteria Traditional drying for hands showed to

the worst results. After their use the quantity of bacteria on finger-tips increases by 194%, and on palms - for 254%. Results of research showed sharp increase in concentration of golden staphylococcus - a bacterium which is the reason kishechno - gastric frustration, formation of inflammatory processes on skin, etc. infections, resistant to effect of penicillin.

Existence of bacteria of golden staphylococcus on hands of workers of public catering and health workers has to be considered with all gravity, as well as any increase in their number caused by certain methods of drying of hands Kate Redvey, the senior research associate of Westminster university concludes.

The bacteria transferred vozdushno -

also participated a drop way In testing hand-driers of new generation Jet . Their use leads to increase in bacteria on finger-tips up to 42% and to 15% - on palms. Besides, dryers Jet pollute air of the toilet room, owing to the high speed of a warm air stream. Tests showed that bacteria extend in a radius of 2 - x meters from the working dryer Jet . Traditional dryers extend bacteria to further 0,25 meters.

Paper towels showed the best result in comparison with hand-driers, considerably having reduced quantity of bacteria, both on finger-tips, and on palms Kate Redvey, the senior research associate of Westminster university says.

Use of disposable paper towels - the safest method of hygiene of hands

Tests confirmed that the &ndash paper towels; the most reliable and safe method of drying of hands after washing. Use of paper towels - the only way of drying of hands which reduces number of bacteria. On average the number of bacteria on finger-tips is reduced by 76%, on palms - for 77%. In addition, paper towels do not exert negative impact on quality of air in the toilet room.