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How it is correct to choose a tour to Egypt?

Egypt are the country about which many of us already heard, and many already managed to visit there, but, unfortunately, not all fell in love in view of one of many reasons: wrong choice of round. How it is correct to select a tour for the holiday, or holiday with friends, or holidays with a family?

There are several rules which it is necessary to remember, selecting a tour.

Family round:

1. Choosing hotel, attentively examine all services which will be offered you on an arrival. If you want that your children received really good rest, it is necessary that: in hotel there was an entertainment program for children for all day and evening; the beach was sand or small pebble; entrance to the sea only sand and superficial; there was a special paddling pool; the separate menu and the special children`s area at restaurant.

2. Choosing hotel, you remember that if you want to walk with children in the city, the hotel has to be near the city. If the hotel is further than, for example, 7 km, then journey to the city will cost you 4 - 8 US dollars.

3. Remember that good rest costs little not and permits in good hotel very seldom come across as the burning " option;. The approximate cost of good hotel 600 - 800 c.u. on one adult (5 stars), for children will be 20 - 40% a discount.

Round for two or with friends:

1. First of all, be defined what you wait from your trip for: quiet or mad rest. If silent, choose hotel far away from the city if is not present, then only in city boundaries. Advantages of a quiet rest: you enjoy weather, the sea, the beach, all services in hotel and life together. Advantages of saturated rest: you enjoy the sea, the beach, the sun, all services in hotel too, but also, besides, you can leave at any time to the city, sit in cafes, walk on a set of shops, go to a local disco etc. of

2. Tour for two can be bought as the burning " option; i.e. for 1 - 3 day to a departure. The date of a departure is closer, the such round costs cheaper, but you should not tighten too as tickets for all flights can end or good hotels will be just redeemed. The price of such round in good five there can be from 400 to 600 c.u.

the General recommendations about Egypt:

1. Bargain everywhere and to the last. The price can be beaten down even by 3 - 4 times, and you remember that the local population takes too great pleasure from how you bargain.

2. Do not forget, also, that local can be very persuasive, but if you lovely stop all their attempts, then all will be OK. Actually, this that category of people, where as the call, so the echo but you remember that you will be tried to be pinned everywhere.

3. If you do not like to bargain and want to spend as little as possible time for souvenirs and any purchases, come into shops where on all goods there are price tags. There you do not need to bargain and buy everything it is possible at the normal and actual prices.

4. Excursion rounds, for those who do not want to overpay it is possible to buy in the city. The price, in comparison with those permits which will offer you in hotel will differ for 30 - 50%.

5. Choosing hotel, you remember that the price always corresponds to quality, but It should be noted that not always even those hotels which have 5 stars, deserve them. Best of all, before the choice of hotel to read comments on him on the Internet.

6. Since the end of November prior to the beginning of March in Egypt in the afternoon hot it is also windy, and for evening walks it is necessary to have a sweater or an easy windbreaker.

7. The sea in Egypt always warm and very much - very beautiful. By the way, very much I advise to buy flippers, a mask and special slippers for bathing (if near your hotel there is a coral reef). Buy already on an arrival as there such equipment will cost to you cheaper, than in the homeland.

I hope, my councils to you will help to avoid troubles during your rest.

All of pleasant rest!