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When it is possible to take the child in a bath? Banning

- it is an excellent way of a hardening including for children. During visit of a bath the organism is influenced by contrast of water temperatures and air. That parents were not afraid to take the kid in a bath, they need to know some features of stay in it.

How to prepare the child for a meeting with a bath?

your child with pleasure swims in a house bathtub, quietly washes. Does not protest against douche by water. Besides you combine douche with partial or full air bathtubs. When the child positively reacts to such change climate treats an undressing favourably - to clothing (does not cry, does not become blue, the chin does not shiver, does not hiccup), it is absolutely healthy and cheerful - it is possible also in a bath.

From what age can accustom the child to the Russian bath?

can Take

children in a bath from three - four years. Only at first all - consult to the doctor. The bath is contraindicated at chronic diseases of bronchial tubes, lungs, hearts. Well, and if the kid is almost healthy, a bath for him - one of the best ways of a hardening.

The tempering effect is based on a contrast cycle: heating, cooling, rest. Under the influence of high temperature vessels extend, when cooling they are narrowed. It is fine training for an organism. But do not forget about the rule: it is necessary to take a steam bath and take a cold shower on time twice less, than to have a rest. Each parent has to watch the child attentively: if the kid turned pale if he expresses a protest - immediately bring him out of a sweating room.

What is the time it is possible to take a steam bath?

Never soar the child more than 10 minutes. As much time will leave also on a cold shower. 20 minutes - on rest. After that at desire session it is possible to repeat if the child already big. If the kid goes to a bath for the first time, you should not be with him in a sweating room more than 3 - 5 minutes. And one calling suffices.

Now about cooling. Beginner it is impossible to pour cold water: for it it will become the real shock and for a long time will discourage to go to a bath. Use warm water, reducing its temperature gradually. The children who already got used to a bath it is possible after a sweating room instead of a cold shower in the winter to rub off snow. Such shake-up to an organism it is very useful. What

a broom is more preferable to the child?

Carefully choose a broom for the child. The softest and fragrant is the lime broom. At catarrhal diseases it does not have equal. The birch broom is irreplaceable for asthmatics and children with tendency to rash and gnoynichka. Besides after such broom it is very easily breathed. And oak - calms nervous system. What herbs it is better for

to use?

Can prepare for

various herb infusions. For disinfecting of air take leaves of mint, a sage, a thyme and an eucalyptus. For improvement of breath use dry leaves of a linden, an oak, birch, marjoram and thyme. The thyme, mint, a marjoram, a camomile, birch kidneys and fresh needles of a fir-tree influence the child soothingly. To prepare such infusions, all components take in equal parts.

A here for the toning collecting a grass others. Take one part of dry poplar kidneys, two - tansy flowers, one part - the dried-up zubrovka leaves. If you prepare infusions in advance, store them in the refrigerator, but no more than two - three days. whether

Can drive the small child in a sauna?

to Children often it is even pleasant to

more. High temperature is transferred easier there. The matter is that in the Russian bath temperature in a sweating room reaches 55 - 60 C, and humidity of air - 70 - 90%. In a sauna air gets warm to 70 - 90 C, but humidity is not higher than it 10 - 15%. Therefore usually the child feels there more comfortably. But it does not mean at all that it is better to drive children in a sauna. To whom what is pleasant.

of the Rule of visit of a sauna

can take

the child In a sauna since three years. It is necessary to begin too with one calling a steam room for 5 - 7 minutes. Through several visits it is possible to soar the child about 10 minutes. Pour over small children after a steam room cool water. Those who are more senior can use the pool where water temperature usually from 3 to 10 C. And still important distinction. In a sauna go to a sweating room dry, and in the Russian bath it is necessary to pour previously over the child warm water and to put on a hat for protection against an overheat the head. The latest council: never you drive the child in a bath on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed. Then the steam room will bring it only benefit!