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What it is possible to satisfy thirst with? The refreshing ideas for hot days...

Who does not thirst with approach of sunny days? Probably, only those who know how with it in time and, the most important, is correct to fight What drinks best of all help to hold liquid in an organism, it was talked in the article What will we satisfy thirst with? . And now we will talk about what it is possible just to prepare quickly and the hands.

Agree, in hot days even more often it seems that the summer will never end, and money for various juice - mineral waters - aerated water actually flows away as water So let`s use gifts of a solar season, we will make a minimum of efforts in kitchen and we will please the members of household with useful and tasty drinks.

The refreshing lemon drink to us is required to

On 1 liter of water 2 lemons and 100 g of sugar. We scald lemons boiled water, we grate a dried peel, we fill in with water, we boil. Then we filter, we add sugar and juice of one and a half lemons. If you want to serve this drink to a table beautifully, pour it in transparent glasses, having attached lemon slices to edges, and at will add ice cubes.

Klyukovka will be required to

On 1,5 liters of water 1 glass of a cranberry and a half-glass of sugar. We knead a cranberry in a saucepan and we merge juice in separate ware. We fill in a residue with cold water and we boil. We filter, we add sugar, we cool and we add juice. Ours klyukovka it is ready. By the way, in the same way it is possible to make drinks, for example, from berries red or blackcurrant, cowberry etc. Choose that you have more to taste by

Cold apple tea

For its preparation needs to mix a floor - liter of cold strong tea and a half-glass of apple juice. To add juice of one lemon and sugar to taste. Not absolutely usually, tasty and simply

Tea cold about a medical lump

we add a tablespoon of honey and cold milk To a glass of strong tea. Drink perfectly satisfies thirst and feeds a tired organism with useful substances. It is pleasant not to all, but fans will be

raspberry Compote

we Fill in raspberry with syrup (on 1,5 kg of sugar - 1 l of water). We put on fire and we boil no more than 10 - 12 minutes as gentle berries can quickly boil soft and turn into porridge. We cool and enjoy crimson taste of summer.

Fruit kefir. I Will notice

that, according to experts, just dairy drinks best of all are suitable for a true satisfying of thirst. And this recipe will fit also for those to whom usual kefir managed to bore in a cold season. We prepare so: 1 liter of kefir is mixed from 100 ml crimson (cherry, strawberry besides, on your taste) syrup. We shake up a couple of minutes by means of the mixer or the blender.

As an alternative, for example, children can offer a fruit milk . For this purpose we will take liter of the cooled milk and 200 ml of any fruit or berry syrup. We mix and shake up. For the color - it is bright, on taste - it is sweet, tasty, unforgettable. Little sweet teeth will be satisfied

A still can indulge the family with tasty and useful cocktails which are so loved by both children, and adults. For example, from fresh strawberry . Let`s take a floor - liter of milk, 150 g of sour cream, 150 g of fresh berries, 5 tablespoons of strawberry syrup. We wash out strawberry, we delete fruit stems, we add all other components and we shake up. We spill in glasses, we drink through a straw and we forget about thirst by

It is sure that so far you got acquainted with the provided recipes, in your head the interesting ideas were born: as with what to mix that was not only it is nice to the taste, but also effectively satisfied thirst in hot days. Dream, try, good luck and are vigorous! Let your mood will be solar, and impressions - bright and sincere