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Money, money, denyuzhka. How to attract them in the life?

All, sooner or later, want material welfare... There is a wish, but does not become. Now I will tell you how to earn A LOT OF money.

Each person was given the talent, the abilities, the opportunities.

Money in life are defined by degree of your spirituality.

The more spiritually you, the more is rich.

needs to be distinguished what spirituality in you.

Ability to earn money help to live in peace with themselves.

for this purpose it is necessary to think richly and to think of degrees of the principal reason, that is monetary consciousness.

We will be defined: It is necessary for us money for travel, for an asset, for acquisition of things which is necessary (but not all things are necessary), it is necessary to help parents / wife / children / brother or charity.

Here we also approached the beginning: To have money, it is necessary to distribute them . Not all... It is possible to distribute to the poor, it is possible also for the rich. In the first case we do charity work (it is possible to tell we sow seeds), and we help with the second case to rich and successful people.

Let`s sort all two options.

If you help the poor what you feel? Yes, it is correct: weight. But nobody said that it is not necessary to give to the poor. Read the book The Greatest secret how to make money Joe Vitale, and you will understand me. Generally, it is necessary to give to the poor money.

And if you help and just you give money to the rich? Yes, you quite right: you feel pleasure and simplification!!! :)

But needs to be helped not all. Some poor is unworthy a handout. It can be expressed in several options. In - the first, they, i.e. the poor, can not thank. In - the second, their way of existence does not correspond to pity to them as they conduct awful life: use foul language, drink, kolyatsya and kill... Awfully, isn`t that so? And even some rich lead, so to speak, a bad life.

Generally to you to solve, to give or not to give...

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Here, you began to gain unexpected income or to you brilliant ideas of earnings come! Good fellows! Keep in there.

Went further...

Today we have a crisis. Many think that it is the end of world economy. And these thoughts all of them drive themselves into boondocks more. From this the following rule follows: How many money in the head, is so much also in a purse and a pocket.

Means, it is time to change thinking: I have many cash flows (Robert Kiosaki`s book), it is a lot of income and I am an expert of investment - I am a millionaire! Here is how it is necessary to think! The first and second rules are very close!

We go further...

Today there is a lot of negative and so on. We need to read something inspiring. Will help us with it the inspiring books, texts, statements loaded with a positive! Here some them them:


Bible ;

Napoleon Hill: Think and grow rich ;

Robert Kiosaki ;

Randi Gage ;


Only forward!

Always it is necessary to rely only on God and on himself!

Every day needs to rejoice!

Every day, all it becomes in every respect better and better for me

Every day (month, year) I become happier (more successfully, more fine, more beautifully), more happily and more happily.

A stream of money in my life all increases and increases.

I meet this day with love in heart.

I the greatest miracle of the nature.

I feel naturally and harmoniously in an abundance environment.

I forget about the past and safely I cross a threshold of new day.

New day brings me new, useful information.

In me there lives the source of pure pleasure.

I do what is pleasant to me

of Progress to you!