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How it is correct to choose the car? The body of

Huge value at the choice of the car has its appearance. How many people said that the car - not luxury, but a vehicle all the same his appearance plays a huge role, and a bowl - social. So, it is difficult to imagine the large-size businessman in some tiny, almost animation, " Volkswagen; Bug . And here to the standard blonde such small red the machine will just be very opportunely. And in general, the chosen car body type completely depends on your personal needs.

For a start besides we will walk on kinds of bodies to clear up a little a situation.

A sedan - the body consisting as can be spoken, from three volumes. This luggage compartment, salon and motor compartment. The sedan is a standard body of the car, usually with two rows of seats, with two or four doors and a luggage carrier which is always separated from salon of passengers. For a possibility of transportation of large-size freights in a back of a back seat the small hatch can be made or there is an opportunity to cast away this back. Typical examples of sedans is our native classics (2105 - 07).

Versatile person. the Name is repaid. It is a five-door body, with one or two rows of seats. Its fundamental difference from a sedan is the luggage compartment located behind a back of a back seat. The back row of seats can develop or in general be dismantled. Undoubted plus of the versatile person is large volume of a luggage carrier, important criterion for many future car owners.

The hatchback is, as well as the versatile person, the two-volume body having, as a rule, two rows of seats and five doors, one of which is behind. In hatchbacks the passenger salon and a luggage compartment are joint. However, the luggage carrier often has smaller volume, than at a sedan and the versatile person, but there is an opportunity to put back seats.

The pickup represents a body with the closed cabin and an open cargo platform. As a rule, it is modification of any car or the SUV. As a result of closing of a body with rigid top the pickup turns into a van. The platform can have rigid or soft top and a folding back board. Doors at the pickup can be two or four.

A compartment - the closed car body with one or two rows of seats and two or (more rare) three doors (the third settles down behind and it is combined with a luggage carrier). The second row of seats often has the constrained seats. Sometimes this type of a body is divided into subtypes: sporty coupe and representative compartment. But it is not necessary to confuse a compartment and two-door sedans.

The following types of bodies meet in Russia less often, but in brief it is worth mentioning them nevertheless.

Hardtop - a car body with the firm roof and doors which do not have a framework on glasses. It is characteristic lack of the central lateral rack. Two rows of seats, and the second row often have the constrained seats. Doors two or four. From hardtop it is most extended by a compartment - hardtop. Also exist hardtop - modifications of bodies a sedan, a hatchback, the versatile person, a roadster and others, but they are less widespread.

A cabriolet - a body with the developing soft or removable rigid top. Rows of seats can be two or three, doors, respectively, four or six. Lateral glasses fall.

A phaeton - car body type with the soft opening top, with two or three rows of seats and two or four doors. Differs from a cabriolet in the fact that in it lateral windows - removable.

A spider - one more option of a cabriolet. In spiders, as well as in a compartment, two or two plus two places. The second row with the constrained seats. These are two-door open sports cars, a windshield at them low.

A limousine - the closed body of the car belonging to the highest class having a partition between lobbies and other seats. Seats can be two or three rows. Doors, respectively, four or six. Limousines differ from sedans in big dimensions and a magnificent complete set.

A minivan - a body with one or two volumes and two - three rows of seats. Configuration where are united in a single whole salon, motor and luggage offices was taken as a basis when developing minivans. The small minibus with turned out comfortable (at the level of cars) salon on six people.

So, having studied various types of bodies, it is possible and it is even necessary accurately for to define a role of your future car: or it is necessary to you for a cargo transportation, or for passenger transportations, or all - for show off or yes just like that here it is necessary also all! . Having resolved an issue of mission of yours horse knowing types of bodies, it is possible easily and clearly for itself to decide that it will suit you better.

Well, good luck to you at the choice of the car, cheap gasoline and green on a three-eye.