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To depart...

As everything bothered me! Daily cooking, washing, children`s hysterics, motion sickness To watch TV, to go to the cinema, with the book on a sofa to roll about Every day without days off and holidays: child, carriage, household.

The carriage is tyazhelyushchy until you take out it from an entrance, hundred sweats will merge.

The daughter is very uneasy, constantly somewhere it is necessary to her, carry her on hands, show everything. Would be not present - lay down, communicated to rattles!

And it is necessary to be in time everything, too nobody cancelled household chores. The husband to feed, obstirat, create houses a cosiness, at least similarity of a pure and quiet home. To it it is good - he at work from the house has a rest! And I in general never. In a toilet and in a bathtub - only with the daughter. I fall asleep when she deigns to take the leave in the Kingdom of Dreams, I wake up besides at will. Was tired!!!!

I want though a little silence, tranquility, regularity and independence. At heart of a cat scrape: every morning, day, evening same How many it will proceed? Really it forever??? - with irritation swinging a carriage, I thought. Cunning eyes - cherries of my daughter well do not want to be closed in any way, look at me is fresh and is impudent.

Gu, Abu - the baby sang. Quietly, sleep, give! - I sniffed. The little cunning gnome frowned a nose also pretended that he is going to begin to cry.

It is impossible so with the child, - with shame I thought, - but I can do nothing, it is impossible to restrain - was tired The Daughter tried to sit down in a carriage, I laid it back for what obtained a weighty slap on a nose a small palm. Despite malyshkina the indignant cries, I continue to swing a carriage. I am unshakable as the shop assistant of sausage department in the years of reorganization. This little restless fidget will not give me neither a lunch to make, nor to wash the dishes. Tears already gather in the eyes.

Well, help me somebody! Here I would have wings, I would depart far - far from here. There, where beautifully, quietly and freely. Would soar up highly into the sky, looked around, and ITSELF decided where to me to fly. Probably, would choose the warm countries as a bird. Most likely, would jerk to Australia: all life dreamed to visit, see the boundless and mighty ocean, a kangaroo on freedom there, but not in a zoo. Speak, popugaychik, as our sparrows there! And then I would do some flying over the ocean. Interestingly, and from above it is visible to birds how under them in water the small fish pleskatsya? I, probably, would see and rushed a stone to water, would touch it and soared up again up. Yes, and not to forget to fly up to a cloudlet, to touch it and to lick. Interestingly, what it naoshchup, warm or cold? Or perhaps as fog?

I would fly in air, as light as a feather, turned - span, heated in sunshine. And then Where I would depart then? - I looked at the Happiness which is peacefully snuffling in a carriage. The berry my, dearest and favourite girl, - I would take the daughter on hands, and we would do some flying together!