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How to struggle with herpes of lips?

the Majority of us or at themselves personally, or at other people saw unpleasant heat-spots on an edge of lips which long pick, and the unpleasant crust appears then. In the people it is called cold or fever . So it for an illness actually and how to fight against this misfortune?

So, a little scientific. What is is this cold on lips? In medicine she is called by a virus of simple herpes of the I type. On researches of scientists, it is present at an organism at 90% of people. There are several types of a virus. Recently there were data that viruses of herpes of different types can pass one into another.

The herpes virus causing cold on lips, time having got to an organism, remains to for life there . Though opinions on it differ. Some doctors claim that not for life, and in total for 60 years.

On statistical data, approximately at every fifth Russian herpes on lips from 2 to 10 times a year is shown. And only 5% of all people on Earth are unreceptive to a virus of simple herpes. The reasons of it for physicians are still unknown.

How it is possible to catch herpes? the Virus gets to us to an organism, as a rule, in the early childhood. But the virus can never and not prove in all beauty and the person can just not know about his existence in the organism. The infected person transmits a virus with saliva therefore categorically it is not recommended to lick the spoon or a pacifier intended to the child as it is done by some mummies - for disinfection and to allow to kiss the kid of subjects who has rashes on lips.

Getting to an organism, the virus reaches the nervous terminations and expects the safe moment for activization of the activity. The moment when immunity is reduced can become the catalyst for a virus, and often it occurs just in the fall and in the winter. Herpes can become more active also at cold, periods, at a stress and overfatigue, overcooling or overheating.

Illness stages. When the illness began, it passes 4 stages in the development. But most important of them, in my opinion - the first. Then you can affect the course of an illness and its duration. At the first stage you begin to feel an easy poshchipyvaniye on the place where is going to appear cold reddening, itch. Just now it is worth beginning to use actively medical means which can prevent development of an illness often completely.

At the second stage the small vial of liquid appears. At the third stage the bubble is broken off and colourless liquid follows from it, and on its place the small yazvochka is formed. Important! at this moment you is the most infectious for people around! And from - for morbidities and extremely unpleasant appearance people are annoyed by most of all this phase.

Several councils.

It is banal, but the fact - it is necessary to follow all rules of hygiene especially attentively! It will help not only to you, but also will protect the people surrounding you from this illness. Wash more often than a hand and try not to touch yazvochka. It is for a while categorically contraindicated to kiss, use with the girlfriend one lipstick (it it is not necessary to do even if you also have no herpes), and also to drink from one glass with someone.

do not try to remove the formed crusts. All the same on their place will appear new, but you will become still zarazny. For the period of an illness use individual ware.

you Apply medical ointment not with hands, and Q-tips. So you will not bring a foreign infection in a wound.

If the illness proceeds more than 10 days, then address the dermatologist as cold can be not just a disease in itself, but also a symptom of other diseases demanding specialized treatment.

Good luck be also not ill!