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Thirst: what will we satisfy with?

In hot days each of us surely face such acquaintance and the unpleasant phenomenon as thirst. At first sight can seem that it is not a problem at all: drank something cold, and I am eager it vanished as if by magic. But not here - that was...

It is clear, that thirst torments not just like that. The reasons are for this purpose necessary. If to speak more precisely, then it arises while the content of water in an organism decreases all by liter or one and a half. In this case rescue two - three glasses of liquid. It would seem, it is not necessary to invent anything, pour usual drinking water and forget about thirst. Here not.

According to experts, soft drinks best of all for this purpose approach. In them there are special components which are capable to hold moisture in an organism. As a rule, it sugar, organic acids and mineral substances. Especially help out the drinks rich with organic acids and salts of potassium. To them nectars, berry fruit drinks, fruit juice and, at last, water treat with lemon juice addition.

The most widespread error of those who face thirst it is possible to call aspiration to sate with the an organism cold liquid. As a result quinsy or cold are simply provided to you. The same whom and so rather often the throat hurts, should be even more attentive.

And in general, according to experts, warm drinks or those which have room temperature satisfy thirst much better. So holodnenky it is possible to say goodbye to a habit to play about without regret. It appears, it not only harmful, but also just useless. So to what to give preference? The choice it is available, necessary to trust in the taste...

We will begin with nectars - the drinks consisting of fruit juice, water and sugar syrup. The share of fruit part in them fluctuates from 20 to 50 percent. Do not think that nectar is just cheap option of juice. Its difference is at all not that it is diluted with water. Just good nectar is made of those fruit which do not allow the manufacturer to wring out all juice (a peach, an apricot, a pear etc.) . From them also make the fruit puree further diluted on a special compounding. And still nectars are made of fruits and berries which juice to drink in pure form does not bring special pleasure. It is, for example, cherry, pomegranate, blackcurrant and others.

Fruit juice - the best utolitel of thirst. The only thing what it is necessary to remember, so it quality. Juice with pulp it is more useful clarified. As for concentrates, as if this word awfully did not sound, it is not the worst option. Concentrates of various juice often mix to receive multicomponent drinks, for example, apple - carrot, apple - grape, an apricot - a peach, multivitamin, etc. If the producer at production of concentrates observes all requirements, then such juice not only is good on taste, but also costs expensive far.

The fruit drink is known in Russia for a long time. Drink represents the berry juice diluted with water and slightly sweetened. As a basis cowberry, a cranberry, red currant, blackberry, a bird cherry, raspberry are ideal Modern fruit drinks of industrial production are prepared on the basis of unfermented berry juice or on water extracts. And here in old times in a fruit drink preparation time in house conditions berry alburnum which was boiled was used, filtered and mixed with sugar and already begun to ferment juice. As a result drink which contained an alcohol quantity turned out.

Well old kind kvass copes with thirst also . It is easy to prepare it in house conditions. And if you prefer store - look for as a part of what water, sugar, a kvass mash and yeast appear. All the rest is far from classical option and belongs to kvass drinks.

As for tea , undoubtedly, this drink is good both in the winter, and in the summer. The green option is especially useful to a hot season. By the way, it is the best of all to drink it not too hot, but also not cooled down. So, it is capable to lower body temperature almost by 1 degree. The lemon slice will serve as excellent addition. The cup of fragrant tea will quickly revive an organism and will force to forget about thirst, at least, for some time. Tasty, it is useful and it is effective!

Enjoy, friends, a season of the sun and heat, despite various surprises of the nature. Cheerfulness to you, optimism and good health!