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Who and when thought up the cartoon serial Tom and Gerry ?

on February 20 in 1940 for the first time on screens cheerful couple Tom and Gerry appeared. History of one of the most popular animated series of the XX century began in far 1936 when the screenwriter Rich Hogan presented the story about adventures of a cat and a little mouse to department of animation of film company Metro Goldwyn Mayer. History of infinite quarrels, fights, ridiculous subsplittings and pursuits which two cheerful characters endlessly put up each other.

Still young directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera undertook creation of the first animated film about the cat and a little mouse who are constantly not getting on among themselves then. The producer fashionable at that time and the founder of department of animation of MGM Rudolf Ayzing became the producer of future animated film at their request. Also the team of animators was employed.

Also work on the animated film " began to boil; The Cat receives a kick which ended in 1939, and in February, 1940 - go the movie was released. The cat was initially called, by the way, Jasper, a little mouse called Gerry at once - the name was pasted to the impudent madcap forever.

Nobody then even suspected that creation of grandiose and really legendary cartoon serial with uncountable continuations will begin with this animated film which subdued millions of the viewers at once.

William Hanne and Joseph Barbera was successful the comedy wonderfully well - they created really exceptional picture. Around the world still it was not more ridiculous and more amusing than an animated cartoon, and the audience laughed during viewing, without ceasing seconds! Become the real adult entertainment and children, it made the stunning success and therefore in 1940 it was nominated on Oscar as the best animated film of year.

In spite of the fact that Hanne and Barbera this year nevertheless did not get a prize, they won universal recognition and fame. In June, 1941 work on series was continued already by other producer - Fred Kuimbi, and the series received the final name famous for all as " now; Tom and Gerry . In July the second series - " was published; Midnight meal after which it became obvious that the series should be continued by all means!

And therefore friends and fellow workers, directors are animators Hanna and Barbera for the whole 18 years (1940 - 1958) continued to create the best-known series of Hollywood. Invariable mouse animator there was an artist Kenneth Myyus - he drew Gerry`s little mouse all these years. Thomas drew the artist Earvin Spens who, appears, gave to appearance of a cat own lines and a mimicry, copying them from the reflection in a mirror. I adore drawing Thomas! - he spoke, - when I draw him, I find similarity in characters between me and it .

Not the smaller contribution to creation of a cartoon serial was enclosed also by the composer Scott Bradley without whose live and picturesque music the series would not become such fascinating and interesting. Bradley created perfectly arranged music more than for 300 animation movies.

The many-sided talent of this composer who worked in MGM more than 20 years revealed in all power in cartoon serials. At all the external simplicity, a melody were very harmonious and so it is clear characterized this or that character that it was possible to guess without effort and blindly which of heroes (to a cunning little mouse or the enraged cat) possesses a musical image.

At last, in 1943 for the " series; Janka`s Little mouse is Dudl by creators it was received first deserved Oscar ! And it in spite of the fact that in competitors the animated film had such serious opponents as Walt Disney`s team. Strangely enough, the highest award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Janka`s Little mouse is Dudl received for patriotism. Then, during World War II, important manifestation of valor of the animation hero of a cat Thomas was that at the end of this animated film it flies up on the flare pistol in the sky and when she explodes there, from salute the American flag escapes. It caused a delight roar in the audience.

Among Oscar-winning series there were also movies: Mouse troubles (1944), More quietly, please (1945), Cat`s concert (1947), Little orphan (1949), Two myshketer (1952), Johann Maus (1954). In 18 years of successful work on a legendary cartoon serial which 114 series were created by talented group in 1958 the management of Metro Goldwyn Mayer suddenly makes the unexpected and strange decision - to close department of animation.

But William Hanna and Joseph Barbera who hammered together by then on To Toma and Gerry the quite good capital, open in 1959 own independent studio at which are engaged among other things in creation of absolutely new animated series, such as Flintstouna (1960), Dzhetsona (1962), Johnny Kvest (1966), Skub - Du (1969). And all the known Columbia Pictures - American the cinema - and the television company, becomes their first distributor.

With creation of the studio at fathers The Cat and the Little mouse as if the second wind opened, and they one for another release the updated series of animated films which win still great popularity at public. And when in 1963 sweet couple Chuck Jones, the world famous animator was engaged, Tom and Gerry became rather superstar, cult and classical couple!

However the morning sun never lasts a day and when William Hanna who was left without the faithful companion Joseph Barbera died on March 22, 2001, nevertheless, took active part in creation of cartoon serials and advised artists as it is correct to draw Thomas and Gerry who were so fallen in love by all. Then the polnometrazhka " was made; Tom and Gerry: Motor!

In December, 2006 there was no Joseph Barbera also. But despite everything, them children Tom and Gerry who won hearts of millions of audience worldwide continue to live and with invariable success to please all fans of animated movies, forcing them to roar with laughter over inventive tricks and tricks.

These remarkable animated cartoons for which, as reports Encyclopedia of classical animation their permanent creators and directors received 7 Oscars it is possible by the right to call the real masterpieces of animation art. Probably, will remember those who saw the " series well; Cat`s concert Jekyll of XI and mister Maus Night before Christmas

And now it is already just classics. Classics which will remain demanded at all times and which was watched look and will always look!