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What were school students engaged on changes 20 years ago in?

Are valid, than? It is interesting to you? Today`s school students absolutely others. When I begin to remember the school days, sometimes it seems to me that our generation absolutely from other world.

I look at present school students and I think, than their can be interested? Likely, there are such interesting things which would draw their attention.

I will tell you about one history from life of my school which will answer the question raised in heading.

When I studied in the sixth grade, I remembered this time very well, at our school the new teacher of physics appeared. He organized a circle of radio fans. Visited the boy`s circle. The circle worked to itself, worked, and many even did not know about its existence.

And after a while at our school earned by efforts of members of a circle the school radio. In each class there were small radio receivers, and they turned on two - three times a week for the period of carrying out an educational class hour. It was very interesting and unusual.

Transfers were prepared by teachers and chose the best pupils and schoolgirls with good diction as announcers. Generally it were seniors. Subject programs were broadcast on radio: stories of holidays were lit, verses were read; transferred also information releases, announcements of the actions and evenings planned at school and many other things.

Work of school radio interested all, transfers listened very attentively, all sat in a class quietly, were afraid to pass though a word. It was especially interesting to listen to the friends, acquaintances.

After a while we became seniors and already began to prepare transfers for favourite school radio.

We were always concerned by a question of employment of changes. Poor hall monitors could not calm down in any way rascals who rushed along corridors, like mad. Here we were also helped out by our school radio. We began to turn on during changes on radio the music, prepared comedy shows or just read jokes. Noise and dust in corridors considerably ceased, school students were keen on hearing of radio. One business when teachers broadcast, pupils already got used to it, and quite another matter when your companions act. It causes interest in all. All liked transfers with congratulations: with holidays, happy birthday, with victories at competitions.

School radio helped also teachers: it was not necessary to prepare material for educational hour which needed to be spent every day. And to pupils was what to be engaged on changes - to listen to favourite school radio.

I had too honor to prepare transfers to air and to be an announcer in our school radio. I remember this time with nostalgia. Easy nervousness before air and estimates of your friends after air - forever will remain in my memory as the most unforgettable moments of my school life.

I do not know whether there is radio at schools now, whether pupils prepare transfers and whether they worry just as I and my friends in due time. But the fact is that school radio - a necessary thing. It plays very important role in education of the younger generation. I do not think that installation of radio demands huge expenses, we had a usual rural school, nevertheless radio was.

I even read that at one of city schools at that time there was even a television. Transfers were prepared by pupils and it carried away school students. I do not remember any more in what city it was, but it is not important. Important the fact that these means fill up free time of school students and send it to the necessary course, thereby give the chance for fascinating and useful pastime.

I told this story in secret hope that my article will help someone to realize and with success to use this surprisingly interesting instrument of education of children and youth.