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How to reach the highest mountain of Germany? Part 2

In the first part we did the main way to mountains. Remained very little...

Garmish - Partenkirkhen

is A little more

on the valley - and here Garmish - Partenkirkhen. It is possible to go out for a walk also on the city. There beautiful views of surrounding mountains. It is possible to come into big cafe and to try the most important Tyrolean delicacy - cake from cream with strawberry. Then it is possible to walk on streets and to look from bridges at the small rivers flowing from tops. Water in them unusual white color, reminds skim milk. After wonderful cake comparison " is remembered at once; the dairy rivers in a land of milk and honey .

The farther from station less small restaurants, the food less knowledge of the English words is simpler. So, it is better not to get. However knowledge of the German numerals and two words tank Sean and to a bat zer there is quite enough for productive communication. And in little shops there are also cash registers with figures. It is possible to manage politely specified couple of words. Well, it is even better to learn some greetings. Then politeness will turn out.

If our ticket is also calculated on all Germany, then it should be put all the same far away in a pocket that it was not lost. Further uphill the difficult way by small train of the private road is necessary to us. Prices there not nurseries. Several times can exceed state for driving through all Germany.

The road is necessary distant and difficult. It is possible to reach directly to top. But it is not interesting. It is worth leaving in the middle of the road in Aybzey. It at the height about one thousand meters. But at desire it is possible to rise by the mountain and on foot. It all is braided by the tourist tracks designated on the card.

At travel in small cars two moments are evident. Of course, Germans, brisk and talkative as always. They borrow approximately the half-car. But the others of the half-car are occupied absolutely by other nationality - Japanese. - to count Russians, Italians and other companions on fingers. It is not accepted to go at us on Fujiyama .

The second moment are signs with names of stations. They - in two languages. In German and of course, on Japanese. Here such surprise for fans to fudziya .


So, Aybzy. The remarkable mountain lake and the small town (or a village) on its coast. Nice hotel, silence, wood. Beauty. It is worth living several days.

But to us the way is necessary further. On top. There now it is necessary to climb a ropeway. Not all venture it. And the prices improper and frightening to be shaken over steep slopes in a cabin with open windows.


Travelling in such cabin in the summer, it should be taken into account the fact that we go to the highest mountain of Germany. It is called to Tsugshpittsa. Its height comes very close to a mark of three thousand meters. It is not a joke. Of course, the healthy person will not choke there, but it is worth stocking up with a warm jacket. At top there is a glacier and there can be snow in the summer.

However, today our planet, and especially its tops, comprehended disasters. Glaciers thaw. On Tsugshpittsa in the summer they cover from the sun. So works well though something to keep.

But the jacket is not obligatory. In the presence of some health the cold in a cabin can be worried. And when we will appear at top, we will come to be at fine warm station. With restaurants and other pleasures of life and civilization.

There the lot of different indexes hangs. Including the index - on a glacier . Earlier sports children in climbing boots with cats were a normal picture. They gather to submit top. The door, and there directly under it - a glacier opens. And top! It is designated by a big cross. But, here horror! There is a top not in Germany. It abroad! It is in Austria! And in order that to subdue it, it is necessary to go through border. But happiness - borders - that is not present for a long time, and you should not worry.

And still at this door the disappointment can comprehend us. The peak can simply be not visible. At the increased humidity the cloud though it was below clear and solar can hang on top. Visibility can make only several meters. Farewell fine distances, farewell fine pictures. It is necessary to be limited to beautiful cards.

There now. We also achieved the objectives of our travel. Further - down. It is possible to pass a way back. Strangely enough, the way can be cheaper, than up. And it is possible to go on other ropeway to Austria. And there - in the Innsbruck airport and home.

Travel further, travel above!