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How to reach the highest mountain of Germany? Part 1

Germany. Fantastic country. The gnomes who are pottering about in mountains, hiding treasures. The witches turning to and fro around mountains. Trolls, of course, it is a little not from here, but too seem somewhere in bushes. The country of mountains as it is represented to us since the childhood. But, alas, mountains in Germany - only in her heart, Saxony and Thuringia. In the north and the South is a plain. And in northern part of Prussia, so it is rather, the lowland.


of the Mountain, located in the center of Germany are called Harts. There was this name from the srednenemetsky word meaning mountain wood . Germany, it is valid, still, unlike many countries of Europe, it is covered with the woods. However these mountains are low. They remind Northern Urals both a form, and height. Height of the most representative mountain of Harts, by the name of Brocken, a little more than one thousand meters.

It is possible to travel all over almost all Germany and not to meet anything above this mountain. However it not so. There are places above. It is not really heavy to reach there. But planes do not fly to those regions. And not any tourist will reach there. Those who are going to make pilgrimage on top get there usually.


is the simplest to Begin with

a way from the capital of Bavaria, Munich there. City this small, but nice and romantic. Bavaria became famous not only beer, but also romanticism. Except the first king Maximilian I ruling Bavaria at the beginning of the 19th century the king Ludwig II is known. It is known for the romantic locks. The main tourist place is Neuschwanstein Castle (the new swan rock). Its construction began in 1869. It is constructed on the big rock and towers over the plain, acting over the sea of fog in the mornings as a swan on waves.

However the king`s plan on construction of romantic locks was so grandiose that there was not enough treasury. The king was nicknamed Mad and stripped of power. Construction of the New swan rock was not finished during lifetime of Ludvig. The main motives of the lock are connected with creativity of Wagner to which the king patronized.

But to us all - the highest mountain is necessary, and this rock - is a little nizkovat.

About half an hour by an electric train (With - Bang) from the airport to the Munich. Also it is possible to enjoy parks and several interesting structures, both medieval, and a pseudo-Gothic new town hall. The last is remarkable the cellar where one of the best restaurants of the city is located ( Rattskeller ) . In the same place in the lane there is a small little shop where it is possible to get the most real aysvayn - a miracle of the German winemaking. However, the prices of it bite a little. It is possible to try it and at the same restaurant. But there the prices will fly into a rage already just. So it is simpler to be limited to riesling or a silvaner.

And here (even to four floors) it is better for music lovers to go to a pothouse known for the whole world, but not to gourmets. There in the evening the smart folklore group usually plays. Also old Germans walk in short trousers. Visitors generally Japanese. Well to us not here. To us further.

And to understand where, it is necessary to get on some tower and to look around. Munich is on the vskholmlenny plain, but if to turn the head, standing on a tower, then the ridge of the sparkling tops in the distance will seem. And it not that other as roof of Europe Alps. Yes, the most real Alps. In only hundred kilometers from the city. To visit Munich and not to visit the Alps - a crime against the memoirs.

the Way

So, we go further. It is possible (in the presence of the rights for driving) to employ the car and to go straight to the purpose. But it the same as love in letters. Bavaria will rush by, behind a car window, neither taste, nor a smell. Bavaria is not only the nature and architecture. Bavaria is people. Therefore it is better to go to the station and to buy the ticket. It is generally better to speak in German. But sometimes the people speaking and in English come across. As will carry. The window with the inscription " can get; We Speak in English .

It is possible to ride the state railroad rather cheap and rather long. Therefore we choose the necessary ticket. We go to the small town of Garmish - Partenkirkhen. Despite the impressive name, the town small and cozy. Once was two separate small places. Selecting a terminal point of travel it is necessary to specify Untergrainau. Graynau is a commune (village) in the area Garmish - Partenkirkhen.

Across Germany many different types of trains go. It is possible to promchat hundred kilometers during the instant by high-speed train (it already not really cheaply), and it is possible to go on our similarity of an electric train. Though it will also take much more time, there it is much more interesting. There Germans, on the whole elderly and talkative go generally. In Bavaria where more than three Germans gather, noise, unusual for the Russian ear, is made. They just like that talk, in a different way are not able.

On cars of an electric train there can take place control. It can check the ticket, and can not check. Everything depends from a face - control . Suspicious footwear or still that. They directly so, without disappearing, also examine goer . The ticket should be kept around as at unsuccessful passing of control it is possible to lose the following visa.

The train goes from Munich on the vskholmlenny plain, without special sights. But then, suddenly, from - under lands giants grow up. These are the Atlases supporting roof of Europe . They crowded directly on the southern border of Germany. They as though worry that they took up abroad Austria, without having been located on to the homeland and and crowd on the edge.

The first mountains are unusually high in comparison with surrounding space. They promptly escape from surrounding hills and are carried away in the sky. Their tops are covered with clouds.

We will already arrive to the purpose in the following part.