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What the unique selling proposition begins with?

- the Girl, already invited you to an exhibition?

- On what?

- I will tell you now, only at first I will a little surprise. You look, it is mascara. It on a cream basis. Smell, even smells of cream. Here what here brush. You, probably, on a brush choose ink. How you think how many it costs?

- So for an exhibition?!

- And an exhibition well that, which in Brokarde passes. There such ink costs 398 hryvnias, I will give you for 50.

- Thanks, but, sorry, me such " exhibitions; do not interest.

My conversation with the girl - the promoter, " was it; seized in me in the hall of the philological case of university. I went from couple on Art culture therefore, having heard about an exhibition, at once thought that it is a painting exhibition, but did not expect in any way that will suggest to buy me company ink for only 50 hryvnias. But, as we see, UTP (unique selling propositions) come suddenly, and purchase of it " is also spontaneously made; unique goods.

Sales managers divide UTP into the presents, and pseudo - UTP, but actually, all of them - a fruit of imagination of the seller, beautiful packing of goods words of a lie.

Though, differences between them all - is. If first (UTP) is a magic fairy tale for the buyer (and as we know: the fairy tale lie and in it a hint, dobra to the good fellow a lesson), that the second (pseudo - UTP) is the trick invented out of the blue.

For example, uniqueness of ink which was offered by the girl - the sales agent consists that it on a cream basis therefore it is put without lumps. It is possible to check the validity and the right for existence of this UTP, having imagined ink from Mary Kay on the basis of gel, but not cream, and thanks to it, eyelashes do not stick together.

As we see if one firm can overwind UTP another upside down (to use the opposite statement), then UTP underwent testing.

But even in such situation there can be a trap: perhaps, ink without cream addition in general cannot be made! Speaking about such detail, the manufacturer thinks out uniqueness of goods, and deceives the consumer, the majority of us does not know that the kremovost of a basis is an irreplaceable component of production of ink.

Innovative technologies in production of pampers, powder with minerals, the Canadian formula with the restoring maple microjuice, cosmetics with oxygen, unique bifidobacteria - all this carefully thought over scientific terms no other than purposely the created UTP. Also as well as loud the patented bases limited editions natural " components; and other inscriptions on packings it is bright - the red allocated font which draw attention of the buyer and add the authority to the producer.

UTP are thought out not only for the best sales of goods, but also to try forces with competitors. You avoid artful UTP if you do not want to chew only the most tasty protection against caries or to refresh feelings with Nestea to buy macaroni with the inscription Marfa. Real macaroni! or Marso Caroni. Way to the woman`s heart . There is more rational approach to the choice of goods, than just to take the word to the one who wants to sell it.