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And again to a retro subject - why, despite everything, it is still lovely to us?

we Will take first of all symbolics. The coats of arms of the countries and cities do not rebrendit slightly that as trademarks. Bronze Horseman, I think, will remain a symbol of St. Petersburg for a long time. Stalin and that thought again and did not begin to take down the Bolshoi Theatre. A tower, however, broke Sukhareva in a temper.

Pictures and statues were always protected though they sometimes with gross spelling mistakes restored. Only that during global cataclysms rescued first of all people and provisions, and works of arts without thoughts threw out in dirt. But as soon as more - settled down less - again restored the museums, theaters.

Expositions of technical monuments exist long ago - still Leonardo da Vinci, Pyotr Veliky and others collected modern by him scientifically - technical artifacts, the Belgian missionary Ferbist found invaluable collections in the palace of the Chinese emperor.

The French revolutionaries among the first fulfillments opened the well-known Conservatorie de Art et Metiers where placed also the steam vehicle of Kyunyo - state-of-the-art technology for those times. During the German occupation of Paris the monument was destroyed, but made its exact copy. Reconstructed also steam stagecoach of Trevitik, Cherepanov` engine, the kerosene vehicle of Markus, motor crew Nesselsdorfer there is a President and the other unreasonably destroyed relics.

We will take souvenir products - a continuous retro. Models of serf towers, figures of soldiers in an ancient armor, and we have painted spoons and other folklore motives. Many cities are proud of the festivals on which thousands of people who are carefully dressed on ancient fashion gather.

Different big chiefs adhere to conservative style in registration of the offices. Those who think themselves the aristocrat seek to show the same taste. At us in Soviet period different pushers hung around commission charges and antique shops. In Soviet period it was possible to see images of ancient avtomobilchik both on charms, and on lamp shades, and on ware, and on wrappers of chocolates. Illustrators of children`s books tried to represent cars of an antediluvian look and cylinders on the heads of citizens even if it and was not required on a plot.

To take production of a masscult. Fantastic works - near technologies of the future the continuous antiquity reigns. Space pirates carry hardened jack boots, the robot talks to the Latin American accent. Retroalloys, uniforms from termoreguliryushchy synthetics, but with aiguilettes and epaulets. Even beer is sold not somehow, and in the clay bottles sealed by wax. A carnival - the uncle with an electronic parrot, the theater of puppets operated by the programmed antigravitator. Let`s take Bradbury, Young, Sheckley. And the second muvik The Ghost in an armor .

Movies - in Lemoni Sniket: 33 misfortunes old cars, people in kettles and business cards, houses of absolutely magnificent architecture. In movies on books of Roling the retro prevails too. The engine, Ford 50 - x years, some Dickensian tramps...

I will not paint an anime, in particular now the same Miyazaki which has continuous cobblestone roads and the Vienna waltzes. I will just note for the general context.

If to cite as an example our " animated films; Bremen musicians Very Blue Beard The Caliph - the Stork - that there, of course, a modernist style, but already for those times when these animated films were shot, this modernist style was already a retro. The amusing eclecticism is shown also in the animated film Puss in Boots .

In GTA games of old cars much more, than new. And there are in general " games; Mafias where the atmosphere of an era of the jazz is recreated.

The mass of movies how the old equipment wins a victory over new. The ancient biplane leaves from jet fighters, the somewhat eccentric millionaire with ease leaves with a nose of persecutors, a wheel Royce bought during that time when he earned the first million. In one of series about the ranger Walker aboard the plane on whom Walker flies, some moron on the fighter 2 - y World commits an assault. And there was a movie about the Italian bandits who on the last money bought the tank 2 - y World, absolutely killed, with its help stopped the train with platinum freight, overloaded it on same ancient bombovoz and departed.

And in general the old weapon to modern measures does not suit for real war, but here once sipa guided to rustle with silicon muskets and gaydamak from bashibuzuka too so and the stuff found in a cellar will serve in the local conflicts and gangster dismantling. In Africa still in the course tanks T - 34 - to local measures and such equipment very much even a boyeprigodna, only yesterday still used prashcha and onions with arrows. In the Great Patriotic War fitted maxims biplanes On - 2, British applied in North Africa armored cars of times 1 - y World, Italians put in a system ancient trucks on wheels with iron rims, and now disorders in Belfast are suppressed with assistance of the trucks protected by armor Bedford 50 - x years.

And in general in the Middle Ages the opinion dominated that the science and art not that have to, and are obliged to rely only on antiquity, Latin and studying of works of the Greek and Roman philosophers were an obligatory subject at schools.

And fairy tales! The same Perrault wrote down national fairy tales to break the existing tendencies, but at him besides - Once davny - long ago once upon a time there were...

In the Middle Ages the set of novels about what for those times was immemorial antiquity - a story about the king Artur, about everyones of Ivanhoe was published. Now there are Akunin`s novels and books of the " type; Seventh limousine .

Animated cartoons, these vampires in raincoats, the uncle Scrooge in the cylinder and a lapserdaka is to you what, not a retro? Animated cartoons were removed in 90 - e, and it is shown continuous an art there - a sound board and planes of the ancient and not gained development systems - for example the gang of Don of Karnazha flies even on triplanes and their dreadnought, analog Jules - vernovsky Albatross what costs. Scrooge has phone with the separate earphone - in this way the stylized devices are on sale now. Le Future shops - desktop steam-engines and other shtukention, Interoptika - very expensive souvenirs besides in a retro - stylistics and porcelain dolls continually are on sale. Earlier such things dug out on attics and in grandmother`s dressers, now specially let out them in such view of sale. Artificial patina, blackening...

New norms on ecology and safety do not allow to operate old cars - modern models in the same style appear. The old equipment does not support modern standards - the industry brings the stylized production to market. The modern mobile phone calls as the ancient device with the case from black ebonite and the young lady in a tube .

And all because present life does not leave to us any more former stability which it is only necessary to remember with grief. Modern times bring many useful innovations, but also deprive of also much. You will not flood a fireplace any more, you will not light an oil lamp, it is difficult to get clothes without synthetics and food without soy and dyes. In some fantastic works advertizing of snackbar where prepare on the real charcoal, or permission to use of the real fire in a fireplace as the big privilege meets. And soon we will pay for certain big money for apple or a glass of clear water.

In the modern world we lack also elementary rest. The noise of the street surrounding us an ant hill of neighbors, mobile phone calls, a stream persuasive and often the irritating information absolutely unnecessary us. And at the same time - full loneliness in the middle of the raging crowd. Here also we grieve for former times when it was possible to spend evening in silence and loneliness, and it will want communication - just descended on a porch to the neighbor.