Rus Articles Journal

Where you, Lyusya?

- Lyusya, you love me, Lyusya. You love also strongly as well as then, on the Mediterranean Sea? You remember our pool filled with champagne. And as you were carried in a bungalow on a palanquin by these thick-lipped Arabs in their idiotic dresses. And as we came off on mine 15 - the meter yacht from a coal plastic.

And so, there is no Lyusya, the yacht any more. It is heavy to realize it, Cleopatra you washing, but the fact remains. The yacht was described by their bailiffs. However, as well as our bungalow. And in the pool ordinary water with bleaching powder laps now. Here so the life expensive turned to us. Thick Arab bum. However, in the homeland the bum was even more abruptly. While we with you had a good time on local beaches, here arranged it.

Lyusya, except you I have nothing any more now. Neither money, nor firm, nor even normal Moscow apartment. Everything was eaten by crisis. I remember, Lyusya, all your councils. On the expiration of time I understand that not all of them were from the round silly woman as I assumed earlier. Especially that:

- the Hare, urgently sell the bench, so far it still though something costs!

Yes, Lyusya, I did not sell it. The internal voice then deceived me. You do not ask on a lump margin call called in October. He in then called also on me too. Yes I trusted our government and kept money in rubles. And now, I trust Lyusya. I, Lyusya, party member. And to these, Lyusya, do not rush. It is my most important remained asset. I hold it as our neighbor Vasya held the ice axe, having failed last winter under ice on Volga. Yes, Vasya then drowned. But still nothing means. Party - our ice axe. It will pull out me from any ice-hole. The main thing to trust in it, the derriativchik you is my beloved.

And you remember, Lyusya how you laughed when I waited for reduction in tax for profit for the whole 4 percent? And again you were in a subject. There is no decrease, arrived. But it is not important. Important the fact that I am not forgotten. Putin looked at me from the TV as you looked then in soul. You remember? I gave you then the most valuable that I had. The trust.

Yes, Lyusya, I am very trustful. I trust those from the TV, I trust the partners in business. I trust also you, Lyusya. And at us it is possible to trust only damned dollar. And still tram driver of the tram No. 2. Yes, Lyusya, I go by the tram now. And only in it I precisely know where to go and where to leave. Only there I was not thrown yet. Lyusya, you still love me?

You remember how we kissed on pyramid of Cheops at night. Or as watered Paris with champagne from the Eiffel Tower. And now smooth devaluation smoothly passed into a smooth bum. And the banks which closed all the courses and exits as if prostitutes in the Tverskaya suddenly decided to become chaste. And these publicans from tax! Putin promised, Putin promised. Promised - let itself and does. And we have a plan for collecting. To sit when do not ask !

All already in the past. And in the present only you, Lyusya. We will begin with you new life. We will work. I have a small piece of the earth in the Yaroslavl region. There we with you will construct a cozy lodge and we will graze goats. Or cows, not very well. The main thing, Lyusya, it is necessary to live under other laws. What, I do not know yet. But together, Lyusya, we force. Our children will run on green lawns and never in life learn that it lays down under the administration, to roll away grandmas, to go to arrows and to live on concepts.

You will milk a cow in the mornings, and I to mow hay. It is not simple to mow, and hay. And the fresh stupefying air will excite us and to cause absolutely other desires. You trust in it, Lyusya? Lyusya, where you, Lyusya