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What emotional impact on the person is made by these or those aromas? Part 2

If you are fans to inhale wonderful aromas of essential oils, then you should know what effect this or that aroma can have on you. For example, at the moment when you came home and brought with themselves the whole folder of unfinished work, you will not suit the weakening aroma because in this case you will not be able just to work, drowsiness, laziness and apathy will overcome you. And on the contrary, being going to depart for a dream, it is not necessary to inhale invigorating an aromamasl. My article will help you to learn about what most strongly expressed properties have aromas.

Ginger will relieve of feeling of weariness, will relieve of slackness and apathy. Aggravates perception and strengthens memory. Invigorates.

The fir-tree will eliminate an overstrain and nervousness. Will encourage and will lighten your mood.

The fir eliminates feeling of depression and a dissatisfaction. Will help to restore forces after nervous exhaustion and emotional failure.

Jasmin will help to relax. Will present you feeling of steadiness and tranquility. Will encourage and will fill with energy.

Oil of a lotus will help to clear mind. It possesses the weakening and calming action.

A verbena lemon exerts antistress impact. Eliminates feeling of melancholy, boredom, apathy and depression. That who suffers from a syndrome of chronic fatigue its aroma will help to get rid of it.

Myrrha will help to cope with confusion of thoughts. Mirrovy oil has the invigorating effect at a breakdown and apathy. Is an effective remedy for disposal of sleeplessness.

The rockrose has exciting effect and removes constraint.

The mimosa is one of the best means for removal of a stress and a depression. Has the calming effect.

The myrtle will help to get rid of tendency to overfatigue. Will rescue from a stress and feeling of irascibility.

The cypress will help to restore emotional balance. Will relieve of irritability and tearfulness. Will help to concentrate attention.

The valerian has the calming effect. Relieves of feeling of alarm and fear. Helps at sleeplessness and hysteria.

A sage muscat has the weakening effect. Perfectly calms nerves and lightens mood.

Caraway seeds ordinary will allow to restore the lost energy. Will relieve of the intellectual tension and fatigue.

The cinnamon tree (cinnamon) will help at intellectual overfatigue, a breakdown and a depression. Stimulates creative rise.

Vanilla has the calming effect, eliminates sleeplessness and tames in anger.

A violet fragrant calms, helps at sleeplessness and irritability.

The lime invigorates. Helps to get rid of a condition of apathy, alarm and a depression. Rescues at intellectual overfatigue.

The basil relieves fragrant of a depression, hysteria, sleeplessness and intellectual fatigue.

The lemon provides inflow of forces and positive energy. Strengthens a vital interest and inquisitiveness. Clarifies reason, helps to find a lucidity of mind.

The carnation improves memory and brings out of a depression. This aroma is capable to lighten mood, to return vital forces, to overcome slackness and apathy.

The bergamot removes feeling of alarm, irritation and a hopelessness. Relieves of a depression and a nervous tension. Clarifies reason, strengthens imagination. Makes active vital energy.

The celery has the calming effect, well influences nervous system, returns feeling of pleasure of life.