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What emotional impact on the person is made by these or those aromas? Part 1

the Aromatherapy at us at the height of fashion. For what only the purposes it are not used: and for elimination of a stress, and for cerebration activization, and for removal of tension, both for relaxation, and for refreshing, and for memory improvement, and for working capacity increase, and for disposal of sleeplessness, and for treatment of headaches or cold. In specialized shops such wide choice of aromas that not difficult and to become puzzled. I am interested in an aromatherapy a little and quite often I resort to it, for example, before examination I inhale such aromas which will help to concentrate on study, will force a brain to work.

In shops the knowing people who can advise what aroma for what purposes, as a rule, work. But sometimes just there is no time for talk with the seller therefore it is far simpler to come to shop with knowledge of that what aroma is necessary to you. That you had this knowledge, I also decided to write this article.

Aroma of a sandalwood will help you to reduce stress and will return you personal tranquility.

Benzoin will remove stress and stress, will calm nervous system, will return composure, the loneliness will disseminate your grief and feeling, will help to overcome a serious mental condition.

The incense will improve your mood, will help to order thoughts and will relieve of alarm.

Aroma of rosemary will eliminate shyness, uncertainty in the forces, complex, consequences of stresses and overfatigue. Will return interest in life, will help to cope with memory blackouts. Rosemary is considered favourite aroma of students because he helps to remember foreign words, names and numbers.

Ilang - ilang the feeling of uncertainty, suspiciousness, nervousness, irritability, excessive concern, sleep disorders eliminates. Besides, aroma ilang - an ilanga renders weakening affects nervous system, removes an emotional pressure, installing feeling of pleasure and fun. Relieves of feeling of anger and fear.

Camphor has exciting effect, helps to return composure, weakens a depression.

Aroma of a cedar has soothing effect and lightens mood, resists to a depression.

Tea derev about the excellent assistant to those who works the head . It stimulates intellectual activity, increases concentration of attention and capacity of memory. Increases efficiency of work and develops speed of reaction. This aroma will help to intensify process of perception and storing of information, will help quickly to switch from one subject on another.

The lavender eliminates overexcitation, sleeplessness and a depression. Extinguishes attacks of aggression, tearfulness and hysteria.

The sandal-wood tree makes relaksiruyushchy impact. Weakens, removes stress and concern.

Aroma of grapefruit counterbalances.

The nutmeg will relieve of attacks of hysteria and pity to itself. Will help to learn to derive pleasure from life. Increases efficiency of memory and facilitates learning of foreign languages.

The basil will relieve you of irritability and sensitivity. Will help to liquidate overfatigue consequences. Stimulates activity and will increase efficiency, will relieve of sleeplessness.

A juniper - the aroma helping to get rid of laziness and apathy. Will eliminate irritability and aggression. Will increase vital activity, will clear mind.

A marjoram ordinary will help to win against sleeplessness. Will eliminate attacks of nervousness and fear, concern and uneasiness. Will rescue from a hangover.

Aroma of a geranium reduces concern and a depression, improves mood. Promotes concentration of attention, stimulates cerebration.

The anise ordinary will give you forces at strong intellectual overfatigue. Will have anti-depressive effect, will relieve of a depression.

Fennel possesses the calming property. Will allow to recover, more quietly to see things, to distract from the disturbing problems of cares.

The yarrow will help to get rid of feeling of anger and irritability. This aroma will have the calming effect, will help to get rid of a sadness and despondency.

The peppermint will restore your forces, will relieve of nervousness, overexcitation and exhaustion.

Aroma of a pink tree will help to get rid of envy and jealousy, with feeling of irritability and a depression. Can serve as relaksiruyushchy means and will help to restore forces and to take off fatigue. Will encourage and will lighten mood.

Be continued.