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How it is correct to choose the car? The engine

Presently, during an era of mad drivers and zashuganny pedestrians it became very difficult to be guided in a situation and in general to survive. I think, many in it will agree with me. But, despite such peculiar fight for a survival there are daredevils ready to plunge completely into this the world of traffic frightening, full of danger. And the most important in this world - self-confidence, and especially - in the iron horse . And to choose horse it is necessary intelligently, that is to try to pick up an optimum ratio: price / quality / personal needs.

Well, it is worth sorting a subject about the choice of the car from the most important, with hearts any car - the engine. In general, it is better to define at once for itself what horse to you it is necessary - the worker, a racer or are simply necessary 4 additional extremities. So, for a start it is possible to consider various types of cursors and what they, actually, from each other differ in.

Petrol engines are most popular for ordinary cars, are in huge demand in Russia owing to the represented possibility of repartition under gas (it very favourably, it is no secret, that gas costs twice cheaper, than gasoline). Distinguish carburetor and injector engines. Their essential difference - a power supply system. On an injector there is a distributed fuel injection, and also huge plus is the computer diagnostics allowing to define instantly malfunction and its reason. But many say that injector engines do not develop such power as carburetor (perhaps, it is just rumors as that does not have direct proofs).

Diesel engines are used in the majority on SUVs as develop higher power, than petrol. In general, if to judge by advantage, but not on to a show off the car with the diesel engine should be bought if your annual run makes more than 40 thousand km or if you are going to go on the Russian potholes with comfort by the SUV. In other case you will have enough car with the ordinary petrol engine.

Hybrid engines. In general several kinds of such engines, for example, working at electricity, hydrogen or solar energy are. But presently they are only deaf echoes of the future and the price really fantastic, and about profitability in general it is not necessary to speak. So, for example, completely loaded electric car will take you 150 km, and you will decay where - nibud in deaf Siberia where also there is no sun, and there is no place to recharge the machine. And problems with repair and service in Russia are in general separate history. We are not ready to such innovations.

The main, in my opinion, characteristics of the car are the engine capacity and number of cylinders.

In effect, the power of the car depends on number of cylinders, but with the same proportionality the price also depends on it. So the optimum choice is the good ratio of number of cylinders with a class of the car and yours to it requirements. Thus, the cars relating to business - to the class equipped with a four-cylinder cursor, are too sluggish from - for the impressive weight, but are graceful. And here the middle class is just harmoniously combined with four-cylinder engines which on them are installed.

Engine displacement depends on the number of cylinders and, respectively, volumes of their combustion chambers. Therefore, the more it develops the engine engine capacity, the big power. But it is worth to remember that the more cursor volume, the more goes fuel consumption and oils. It is better to correlate engine displacement to a class of the car and the personal inquiries.

The most important at the choice of the four-wheel friend - not to be guided by the rule the more the better ! The more engine displacement, the is more also the cost of purchase. But the person who for a fantastic sum bought the SUV with the engine on 4,2 liters through some time begins to feel sorry and understand that it would have enough the regular passenger car costing several times cheaper.