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Whether it is good where we are absent?

Apples from the next kitchen garden are more sweet, the grass on a lawn of the neighbor is more green, and the piece of cake in others hands is always more.

Unfortunately, the person is arranged in such a way that does not appreciate what has. Therefore also the next turn moves quicker, and somewhere it is better to eat places, but we are not there...

to us can be idealized there to fill the imaginations with the sun and heat. When we dream, we draw to ourselves the most iridescent pictures. We always seek for new experiences, impressions.

Property of a human brain such is that it all the time idealizes unfamiliar places. And if it happened to see personally the place of the idealization then realities get the best - we are disappointed (here we are here, but everything is not as good as it was supposed). And we believe again that it is rather good where we were not yet.

Oh and where we are only absent?!

- I all watch where it is good to live

- Everywhere well where we are absent!

- Here I also watch where you are absent!

We are absent where our friends for a big salary work, we are not abroad, there, where acquaintances emigrated, we are not on the cruise liner submitting the Mediterranean Sea etc. of

But we are absent where natural disaster and other troubles. Where shakes where a tsunami, the fires and attacks of terrorists.

Whether it is good where we are absent?

of the Answer to this question does not exist! It is not possible to learn. The place where we are absent, instantly turns with our emergence into the place where we are.

Where it is good?

A it is good how it is paradoxical, it appears where we were. Most often, understanding of happiness comes to us along with its loss.

Paradise where I! (Voltaire)

The grass is always greener on the other side villains because really well happens where they are absent thought up. The Saint would tell: well where I am . Do to people pleasant, any warm word lightens the person mood. And where you were, around you will always be well !

And here the place, equally ideal for all, it is not thought up yet. We have different interests, tastes and, owing to their contrast, it is impossible to meet desires of everyone.

The summary When to us is bad

, we believe that anywhere - that is good. It is envy and discontent with. Weakness moment. well where we are too happens! And told does not treat life in general but only only by this moment when telling these words hardly, but it knows that hardly now and here to It, and here to Someone where it is absent - very much and not bad. The sense of the phrase is that if somewhere here still badly, somewhere there already well. You feel a positive?

Where we are absent we still will be!