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How to protect the rights for treatment and provision of medicines?

U you is the doubt in correctness appointed, which is carried out or the carried-out treatment? From you demand money for medical services and procedures? Refuse to you medicines? To you health workers are rude?

If, you faced or face it, then this article is addressed to you.

So what to do? How to arrive?

The first that arises - to address the manager of office, to make the complaint to the chief physician of medical medical institution or in higher instance, as a rule, it is Department of health care. Of course, it is possible to appeal also to the prosecutor`s office.

However, often, everything comes to an end with correspondence, and even the formal answer.

At the same time, there are organizations, one of the main objectives of which is ensuring the rights of citizens for receiving available and that is not unimportant, high-quality free medical care. These are Federal and territorial funds of obligatory medical insurance, medical insurance companies (companies). The medical insurance company according to terms of the contract pays the bills which are made out it lechebno - preventive establishment (policlinic) and (or) medical institution (hospital).

Each citizen - the resident of our city has on hands a policy of the obligatory medical insurance (OMI). The insurance policy grants the right to free medical care in volume of the existing state and territorial compulsory health insurances programs. The paid help can be provided or over the obligatory volume of free medical care, or under the contract of the voluntary medical insurance (VMI).

The state and territorial compulsory health insurances programs are volume documents and the desire is necessary to read them. However, without knowing their contents, will difficult assert the rights for treatment and provision of medicines. Information on contents of the state and territorial compulsory health insurances programs has to be available to the insured citizens. It usually is placed in brochures, on the websites, stands which are available in medical medical institutions.

However, unfortunately, in a number of medical medical institutions still it is necessary to find that place in which the stand with this information is placed.

The insurance medical policy of each insured confirms its belonging to a certain medical insurance company. Results of work of medical insurance companies on protection of the rights insured and to quality control of medical care are a part of indicators of tender (competitive) documentation on compulsory health insurance and influence summing up tenders and definition of winners.

And it is necessary to address in protection of the rights for treatment and provision of medicines to you to medical insurance companies. Their divisions on control of quality of medical care according to the address of insured will carry out expertize of granting the guaranteed and appropriate quality of volume of free medical care. There will be out of their field of vision also no implementation of the requirement about availability of medical care. The services (departments, departments, the centers) created in medical insurance companies will render insured pre-judicial, and if necessary and the judicial help with protection of their rights in health sector and provision of medicines.

This activity of medical insurance companies - a subject of a constant control and the analysis of Federal and territorial funds of obligatory medical insurance.

How to set the relevant medical insurance company the question interesting you, to address in protection of your rights?

The simplest - to call by phone specified in the insurance medical policy which is available for you. Besides, medical insurance companies opened or open round the clock acting telephone hot " lines; and konsultatsionno - the dispatching centers for an operative communication with insured.

It is possible to ask your question in the corresponding heading of the website of medical insurance company.

And, of course, all can use a habitual way - to send communication on point duty to medical insurance company the letter, it is better custom with the notice.

And if there is enough time the state of health allows, it is possible to come and to address personally to medical insurance company.

Health - the most expensive that is and that is necessary for everyone, its protection and strengthening - business, first of all, the most insured. So good luck!