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What it is worth being afraid of at it is related - the friendly contract? Or the among the.

The Friendship based on business is better, than the business based on friendship .

Still for a long time many fondly believed that if at the relative or the friend affairs were taken and it went up a career ladder, then it is simply obliged to attach all unfortunate and careless brotherhood to itself(himself), well or, at least, to promote to some profitable town. And at it here a successful rodstvennichk it appeared so many acquaintances and relatives about whom he also did not hear earlier.

However practice shows that such is related - friendship does not help business at all. Often and there is a hitch somewhere and the relations between once close people go wrong. History knows many sad consequences such family contracts which came to an end not only a complete separation between once close people, but business could reach also the criminal acts carrying both material, and physical character.

Therefore before hiring the person only because you together studied at school and were once very amicable, think whether it is worth transferring the friendly relations to business. Analyse everything pros and cons, and only after that make the decision.

There is such category of people who can ingratiate, and you will not manage to look back as will begin to seem to you that you in life never had more devoted friend. Here it is necessary to be careful and at reception of your friend for work you should not have doubts that it is decent and his business qualities meet your expectations.

In spite of the fact that your friend or the relative will look at you devoted eyes and to assure what will not feel sorry for itself, everything only for the sake of business, it is quite good to receive recommendations of the third parties which will be able to give an assessment to both personal qualities, and his professional skills. But in this question the correctness is necessary, God forbid, not to offend the good person.

It is worth belonging also watchfully if your protege does not want to make out your labor relations officially. As soon as you hear the phrase: Yes to what all these formalities, we are all the! it is worth stopping communication, or to insist everything - on lawful registration of employment. If to you, of course, most it on a hand.

Before employing the acquaintance, it is worth discussing with him what type of the relations has to be at work. So, rank the friend out of work does not grant to him the right to communicate familiarly at work. It is worth understanding whether there is in general a need to advertize your acquaintance, and also at once to agree as you will address to each other, being in office and at negotiations. Perhaps, it is necessary to begin to build the relations from scratch, as with the ordinary hired worker from the street.

And still, doing a favor to the relative or the friend, it is necessary to let it know that it is only given chance. And on you double responsibility for it lies now. You will estimate its work not only you, but also all collective, and in the presence of the higher administration - both it, and you, you, will answer it in case of offense of your protege.