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What questions to ask the employer at employment? Workers with an experience know

, or have to know what questions should be asked the employer; young specialists, as a rule, possess this information only partly. This gap is also removable.

Other, more serious problem lies in the psychology plane. The inexplicable shyness and a sudden sleep of applicants on interviews and meetings with the employer`s representatives as manifestation of uncertainty in itself and the forces, holds down and deprives of a speech power of many and many people irrespective of gender and age.

Of what we are afraid? Let`s wonder: what will we lose if we state openly and directly these questions? Why they inconvenient ? What stops us? Fear to receive derisive reproach in inappropriate curiosity or severe refusal and exclusion of wons?

Yes, it is possible. And it is symptomatic: silence or ambiguity have to guard you, the disrespectful relation - to convince of waste of time.

Personally I was always admired by my familiar young women, capable, looking in eyes to the gentleman, to ask him about intention to marry... What your potential employer essentially differs from future spouse in? The fact that in your relations pure business calculation - weighed and based on mutual interest of two parties has to prevail.

It is wasteful to go to work in the company which from you hides something or keeps back! Questions of the applicant to the employer can be carried on three points. (A transfer order in other cases any, is applied on circumstances.)

1. Questions of the company As is called

whether long ago exists, operating time in this market (in this field of activity, in our region etc.) .

Activity profile; main services, goods, products etc. F. I. O.`s

of the head.

Before getting a job, take an interest in destiny of her former employees, collect comments on heads.

Approximate structure of the company, its size.

Sort of the company: private, joint-stock company, state, foreign, joint venture etc.

Personnel, number of regular employees.

Existence and maintenance of the corporate website.

Advertizing leaflets, etc.

of the License, certificates, certificates and other documents issued by the state regulators.

2. Questions of vacancy

What are available open vacancies.

As my position will be called.

General requirements to employees: whether regulations, a dress code, rules of conduct etc. of

of the Requirement to my position are had.

My official duties.


Operating schedule, duration of working week, works involving all hands, overtime, etc.

my immediate superior.

My predecessor, the remained materials, etc.

of Prospect of growth.


My department (my group, my project etc.) .

Address of office.

Corporate actions: business (for example, general meetings), festive, anniversary, in department etc.

3. Questions of the contract

Basis for employment: contract, contract, statement, other.

The period of a trial period after which the issue of inclusion in a staff of the company and providing the rights of the regular expert is resolved.

Employment records, formulation.

Size and forms of a salary: for the period of passing of a trial period; at inclusion in staff.

4. How many I will earn?

On this place breath of the applicant becomes frequent, hands begin to sweat, drives a lump to a throat...

What happened? What do we quail again? The discrepancy expected and actual?

If the salary has for you big or even paramount value, it is logical to find out at the very beginning of negotiations possibilities of the company on compensation. (At the same time it is necessary to keep that impression which you can make in mind: opinion on you as about the person whom disturbs only his salary, perhaps, will cause negative reaction in the companies with high corporate culture and deep command traditions.)

The fork, more precisely, it " is often specified in announcements; right - initial part. For example: from $500 . Try to receive the answer also about to . Do not speak, do not know what to tell or consciously hide, testing your appetites? Alas, elements of market trade got also into hr offices - managers...

Generally, it is necessary to try to obtain a definite answer, clear conditions and absolute guarantees!

Taxes, deductions, penalties, etc. Take an interest who pays taxes on your salary (you or the company) and in what size whether these or those deductions to what material punishment and for what you can be subjected are applied in the company.

White gray and black salary. It is not necessary to say that the official, carried-out on accounts department, reflected in all documents, so real wage gives more advantages to the worker, than money in an envelope .

Payday, right for advance payment. What number the salary is usually paid: 5, 10 or 15?

At last, guarantees of receiving a deserved salary. On condition of your excellent job, the contract has to serve as guarantee of obligation of the employer. Competently made, correctly dated and signed, containing exact and unambiguous list of works - the document which is equally reflecting reality and having lawful validity. Of course, you can count upon the word of honor of the employer - the chief, the boss, but thereby you agree to bear certain risks.

I summarize. to get a normal job, you have to formulate a number of vital issues to the employer, somehow:

- to learn about the company, its past and the present and on the basis of the obtained information to draw for itself conclusions on its future;

- mentally to be transferred to a new workplace, to estimate the prospects;

- to take care of the contract (contract) and to reach agreement by the size and forms of payment of your work.


1. Certainly, in certain cases it is optional to be interested in everything. If the company small or in it your good acquaintances, or the company old work, deserved and public - many questions disappear by itself.

2. The serious company has to have own corporate website on which the visitor has an opportunity to examine its activity and to receive answers to the questions raised in this article. It is norm of our time. Exceptions concern some class of the specific businesses which are not needing an afishirovaniye.

3. Actually that I will have to do. It is very important point for such occupations as network marketing fathers - which founders like to direct fog.

4. The trial period usually proceeds one - two, 3 months are more rare.

5. These sums can differ, and it is essential: 500 and 700, 800 and 1200 conventional monetary units etc.

6. Other directors love the following game. At reception of the person for work they call a salary, for example, of $500 the USA; and when calculating assure that meant the added salary, but not pure .

For the rest all in your hands!