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How to choose a hosting for your website of

easier to understand difficult technical terms, we will resort to analogy and we will draw parallels between a hosting and rent. In this case the hosting - the dwelling of the website which has to be to reliable, comfortable and corresponding inquiries of the resident and a hosting - provider is a house owner, or the land owner, the notable person with rich history and faultless reputation.

Ideally, the expert has to choose a hosting for the website. But that occurs when programmer no, or his authority is insufficient to convince the management? The decision is made on - a starinka: people ask for suggestions the acquaintances or look for the cheapest option. Allow also us to make several recommendations concerning the choice of a hosting.

The word the hosting comes from English host - the owner. It is the service in placement of the websites on the Internet rendered by the companies called a hosting - providers (in popular speech: hosters).

Who you and what website

at you At the choice of a hosting is not of great importance who you are - the organization or the individual as it is service mass, relatively " are; old and already rather rolled on millions of clients. Almost all serious companies - hosters offer the same packages of services and various forms of calculation convenient for the customer. Another thing is that you for the Internet have a resource: small or big, simple or difficult, modest or valuable, etc.

the Traffic, resources and reliability - here, perhaps, three main issues defining further actions. Of course, the website takes the place on a disk, and it is also essential to the choice of a package of services, for example, if you are going to accept or distribute huge files, video or music by means of your website. Now the most available tariffs provide 1 - 2 gigabyte on a disk under storage of information, is enough for the usual website of it much.

A traffic, the number of the transmitted data, it is possible to compare to an expense of the electric power, water or it is warm in the house.

Resources of memory and the processor which provide the speed of loading of pages on your website are not boundless. They are defined, in - the first, by the number of visits, in - the second, quality of a program code on which your website is written. If you saved on professional a web - developers and to you made hack-work wait for problems with a hosting. The software is constantly improved, forcing hosters to update the administration systems and if developers use during creation of the website too old or, on the contrary, crude and experimental ON, then there can also be various glitches and disagreements.

Reliability acts into the forefront at commercial projects, for example, which apply the protected on-line payments.

It is incorrect to think that inexpensive tariffs of a hosting are not reliable. No, they are reliable, but only in a certain measure. A simple example of an assessment of this seeming simplicity, a question: how many once a week your website is copied and located in reserve storage (backup technology). And not to the expert it is clear that the less often it occurs, the risk of loss of information under unforeseen circumstances - for example, as a result of accident in date - the center or virus attack or owing to breakage of components of the server is higher. It is possible to claim that reliability of inexpensive packages of a hosting includes the necessary minimum of guarantees stipulated in the contract or documentation (internal rules) of the performer.

Types of a hosting

1. Virtual hosting. The most popular type of a hosting - shared - a hosting, on - English Shared hosting. Roughly speaking, the modest hotel accommodation with phone and the TV, but without refrigerator is provided to you; the dining room, a bathroom and a toilet the general, and the elevator works only during daylight hours. You can receive guests, but not there is a lot of, you are allowed to leave hotel, but you are obliged to leave a key at the exit.

The total of the websites on one physical server, is specified by our expert Oleg Tyagunov, can reach 500-1000 units. As server resources - disk space, speed of the processor, the program and utility, etc. - are used by all websites at the same time, rigid restrictions of their consumption are set. The set of services in this tariff is rather small.

Actually this reasonable decision for the simple, undemanding websites with completely open (public, unclassified) information and attendance in tens or hundreds of people a day. You receive the room and keys to it - respectively the account and couple login - the password, 10-20 mailboxes also you do with them everything that want.

For today the average cost of a such hosting makes from 5 to 30 dollars a month.

2. Multidomain hosting. These are subspecies of a virtual hosting for a web - developers or owners of considerable number of the websites, and also resseler - representatives a hosting - providers and professional intermediaries. Clients such can be considered as small house owners.

The multidomain hosting allows to place group of the websites under control of one account, our expert explains. Thanks to it easily and just to add the new websites, to delete old, to create own tariff plans, to change or create own settings.

Studios, agencies, advertizing companies are engaged in technical support of the majority of the websites. For them such tariff plan is also created. Service becomes economically justified at service not less than 10 independent websites. Economy in terms of money repeated (to $1 for the website in a month!) in the technical and organizational plan undoubted.

3. The virtual dedicated server, on - English Virtual Private Server (VPS). Reminds rent of a separate cottage. The owner of such hosting is granted more rights and more resources, respectively, more money is raised from it, on average $25-100 in month

the Virtual dedicated server is similar to the ordinary dedicated server, but costs considerably cheaper. Usually on VPS about 30 websites are placed, Oleg Tyagunov says.

4. The dedicated server, on - English Dedicated Server. More and more demanded package of a hosting. You receive the whole hotel in sublease and independently establish rules of accommodation, providing and management. It is undoubted that you have to have very competent and reliable managing director - the system administrator, otherwise you burn through.

The dedicated server is meant as the separate computer. The server has own disk space, the processor, quite often separate external traffic. It is used for an applications launch which cannot work in parallel at one server and clash with other projects. The projects placed on the dedicated server demand high efficiency and considerably big resources, than usual online projects, assume a possibility of the PO installation with any configuration and full administrative access.

Except above listed, there are also other (additional) types of service, for example, reserve data storage.

The choice of a hosting

First of all you have to establish accurately a sort of your website, tasks facing it and proceeding from answers to these questions to stop on one of the listed above types of a hosting.

Price. At the choice of a hosting the rule works: the less price, the is more than surprises. Anyway the hoster price of comparable service, for example, by 1,5-2 times lower, than has to cause suspicion in competitors. The hosting is service, but service financially capacious, based on expensive equipment and qualified personnel, and surprisingly low cost can testify to lack of any expenses, or elementary fraud.

The prices of the most popular packages of services are gradually leveled in recent years, the price competition is softened, our expert claims. From time to time there are young companies with quotations on the verge of profitability. By the way, only for this year all of us could observe how all of us two Belarusian a hosting of the company were actually ruined and transferred the client bases to more successful competitors.

Competition continues as rendering of services.

Complex of services. The website begins with the domain which should be chosen and bought, and then to register in a network. The more similar support services it is provided in one place, the you should spend less time for information searches and doubts whether correctly you arrive.

Client base. On the majority of the websites of hosters there is a " page; Clients . Study the submitted list, try the websites on loading speed, at last, contact acquaintances and ask a review of work of provider.

It is desirable that rendering services of a hosting was profile or even only business of the enterprise with which you are going to sign the contract.

Equipment, software. Construction own date - the center - expensive pleasure, but knowledge of own servers - an indispensable condition professional a hosting - provider, as well as the license software, commercial or freely extended.

Service, qualification of personnel. " service; at office the hosting - the companies, a necessary minimum of bureaucracy is shown in politeness and sense of duty of workers at registration (for example, there has to be an application form at the hoster website), quick response to questions and needs of the user. In the technical plan of the company compete in that at whom the control panel of the website (account) who more rare and only on business interferes with life " is better, simpler or more functional; your lodge .

The companies establish and take out in advertizing appeals on court of public the competitive advantages.

A single question - qualification of system administrators. Stable work a web - the websites will be the best confirmation of their regalia decorating walls of offices.

Technologies. A variety, relevance and reliability of the main programs, and also various additions and superstructures - important criterion at the choice a hosting - provider. They include, for example, development tools, means of administration (the control panel, etc.), technologies of mail (a filtration of spam and viruses, a web - the interface, etc.) etc. To understand all this richness of offers not easy, the consultant will help.

Technical characteristics, tests. There are various ways of independent quality check of services a hosting - providers. For example, it is possible to address this or that website and to determine the speed of its response (ping), or to find out time of trouble-free operation of the server (uptime). The obtained data possess property of objectivity, but only for this website and at some point (period) of time. Where we lived - in Minsk or New - York - in our houses the electricity, sometimes on shares of seconds is disconnected, sometimes there is no hot water or phone does not work - similar problems happen also at a hosting - providers. It is important to understand the reasons of similar incidents. If at " provider; rotten " iron; or curve hands - one business, if a problem in settings of your website or accident for lines - another.

Some characteristics can be higher at this or that hoster, some below, we repeat, the best way is the individual approach to an objective and a support on experience. The provider A can be better than provider B for one group of clients, but it is worse for another. On the question why we will hear different versions, it is possible even mutually exclusive. An exit one - the help and a professional advice.

The realities of the Belarusian hosting

of the Company which held on in the market of services of a hosting longer than 3 years can be considered as the taken place players, and, taking into account the aforesaid, credible. Now such companies - commercial a hosting - providers less than ten. On all indicators the three of leaders which follow " is allocated; middling persons . The small companies withdraw, and then their clients in large quantities pass to one their three whales .

Business the hosting - services is profile for most of participants of the market, but not the only thing. For example, traditional providers of services of Internet access historically provide to the clients services of a hosting, and one known Belarusian portal introduced this service in the course of business diversification.

The competition in the market moderate, cases of aggressive, unfair advertizing, construction pyramids it is not enough.

Cases of loss of the websites or delay of their work are not so rare. The main reason - interruptions in functioning date - the centers. All cases of breaking of the websites in Belarus became possible owing to vulnerability of the last, otherwise: cracked the websites of clients, but not servers of hosters, Oleg Tyagunov claims.

Researches. Attempts of the marketing analysis of offers in the market of services of a hosting in our country were made, as well as estimates of a share of the market of this or that participant.

The number of clients is one of signs of professional success a hosting - provider, an indicator of activity and appeal. On the Internet there are several projects which carry out continuous monitoring of domain names and their owners. Among them there is American WebHosting. Info and Russian 1stat. RU. The first watches, generally the international zones com, net, org, biz and info, the second automatically traces Russians zones ru and su.

Creation of an objective rating of the conducting providers on number of domains / websites / clients it is complicated both technically, and politically as in the world of the private companies it is optional to report about the income, and means of generation of profit will not always be conformed with ordinary morals.

The conclusion

So, it is possible to allocate two options of the choice of a hosting. The first proceeds from a tariff, the second of brand of the company. If you look for an inexpensive hosting, will formulate a number of simple requirements, for example: the space volume, a traffic, access on ftp, a possibility of independent creation of domains 3 - go level and installation of passwords on folders, and after that begin call-down - poll among candidates. In a case with more serious tariffs pay special attention to collection of information, not only on the websites of hosters, but also directly at their clients, and those which that use the tariff plan interesting you. Forums and visitors` books about work of hosters can not always be trusted, so one dissatisfied or offended often muffles the shout ten happy clients.

Do not forget about actions, discounts, special offers.

Whether our Belarusian hosters cover all range of requirements of the companies and individuals in the area placement of the websites on the Internet or not - an affirmative answer.

If you trust the consultants, acquaintances or subordinates, they will make for you all work: will choose a hosting, will buy the domain, will adjust mail, will load and will start the website. But thanks to our article it will be easier for you to control them. Successful way!

The author expresses gratitude of the " company; Active " technologies; and to personally technical director Oleg Tyagunov for consultations and assistance in preparation of this article.