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Arachnophobia or Who is the most terrible on light?

If in the world the organization for those who are afraid of spiders was created, I precisely would be her standard-bearer. In my opinion, there is no being more terribly, than a spider. All arguments of the " type; you are always stronger than it I was never convinced. These terrible paws moving in itself enter me into a panic state, mixed with a stupor.

This fear makes related me with millions of people suffering from arachnophobia. It is a type of zoophobia, fear of arthropods. But agree, any of them does not cause such loathing as a spider. This fear always seemed to me quite natural. But once I thought - if all phobias have the roots and the reasons, then and it zhzhzh with an ulterior motive ... Indeed.

As a rule, everything begins in the childhood. You can not always remember that moment when began to be afraid of spiders, but in subconsciousness it remains. The spider seldom seems to the child amusing - rather terrible. All because in what stronger the being differs from the person, it inspires bigger fear in those. Personally it seems to me that put in pads - their arrangement and comprehensive scale creates absurd, but resistant feeling that they will clasp also you...

One more reason, even more powerful, it is possible to call that a spider - a being unexpected. In the sense that he can always be met where least of all you wait for it. Remember, you always shudder when quietly someone enters the room and begins to talk to you - the surprise speeds up heartbeat, and you feel a certain fear and alarm though you understand that anything special did not occur. And here: you, for example, wipe a floor and in the most far corner see it - a little and imperceptible spider. He probably not really - that wanted to meet you, but such sudden appointment will bring you few pleasant emotions. (For example, on an attic) you, for certain, suspect presence of spiders of the places which are cluttered up and will be obviously afraid. Nevertheless, that it is impossible to kill domestic spiders people trust in a belief...

Very often happens so that fear of spiders is a hereditary phenomenon. Or acquired as a result of communication with people who suffer from arachnophobia. Fear - the strongest human emotion, and we are always sure that if it arises, then for a certain reason, perhaps, not always clear to our consciousness.

This fear is expressed first of all in permanent disgust, in physical rejection of a spider, his look. The poor, God created their such, and they also do not know that are so disgusting for the human race... The second factor is a fear of that danger which is born in themselves by poisonous spiders. Recently talk on tarantulas and karakurta sounds even more often - in connection with cases of stings, cautions anyway remain in memory, and create a bigger fear of spiders.

It is scientifically proved that history does not know about existence of huge spiders who would do harm to mankind - throughout centuries their appearance practically did not change. Means, too it is not necessary to speak about evolutionary fear. And here geographically this phobia was distributed unevenly. Our continent is most frightened, Asians treat spiders more quietly, and some even eat them. Of course, it does not mean at all that if I move to live, say, to China, spiders will become my best friends. It means that historically to them there was other relation - perhaps, owing to mentality or other circumstances.

Now psychologists know ways of elimination of arachnophobia. And actively they are used. As a rule, it is direct contact with object adoration - the person has to overcome fear in safe conditions. Much manage it. Someone is afraid of such treatment and suffers from any possible contact (even if unilateral and virtual) with a spider. And someone peacefully coexists with this phobia, either suppressing fear, or not showing it, or learning to operate it. Whatever way you chose, the main thing that it did not break your peace of mind at all.

P. S. While I wrote article, three times shuddered from a species of a spider, selecting the picture and five times thought that I can have it under a table... I learn to cope...